Whip It Media proudly announces the recent acquisition of Kates-Boylston Publications as a new subsidiary of its growing media portfolio.


The acquisition will add to Whip It Media’s current product offerings and allow Kates-Boylston, the publisher of American Funeral Director and American Cemetery & Cremation magazines and Funeral Service Insider, to continue its long tradition of serving funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries and industry suppliers.


“Whip It Media’s purchase of Kates-Boylston provides a major growth opportunity for both our businesses – and will allow us to provide extended services to Kates-Boylston’s clients,” said Richard Whippen, CEO of Whip It Media. “With the stability and backing of one of the country’s leading digital companies, Kates-Boylston’s readers, advertisers and partners will benefit from improved products, services and innovation, and the company will continue to be the leading source of information in the death-care industry.” Kates-Boylston Publications will operate as an independent company, and it will be “business as usual” as its existing management team will continue to manage operations, Whippen said.


 About Whip It Media
Whip It Media, and its subsidiaries WSPN, Media Prowler, and The Fairfax Times currently operate just outside of Washington D.C. in Sterling, Virginia. Whip It Media has provided quality content and products for readers and advertisers for over 25 years.


About Kates-Boylston Publications
Kates-Boylston Publications has been helping death-care professionals succeed and serve since 1877 and publishes American Funeral Director and American Cemetery & Cremation magazines, Funeral Service Insider and numerous books on death care. It also hosts webinars and events to help death-care professionals. Visit www.katesboylston.com to learn more.