We Aren’t Just Tech People, We’re Car People

We are not just tech people, we are car people, and since pretty much everyone drives a car we thought you and those you serve would appreciate our Funeral Nav App.  Just like many of you we are also funeral professionals and so we have a real interest in creating practical tools for our profession.  We believe that despite the increasing death rate and the decreasing licenses that those who faithfully serve their communities every day can be the best our industry has ever seen.

Our mission first and foremost is to increase awareness of the value of funeral service to the families we so care for.  Second, we intend to provide simple and practical solutions to funeral service practitioners so they may best serve the needs of their customers.  Lastly, we will stand firm in opposition to any who would seek to diminish or minimize the importance of caring for both the departed and the bereaved.

Please take the time to visit our web site at www.Funeralnav.com or give us a call 631-328-5231.

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