Agency hired to help promote Vital ICE lifesaving application to funeral profession

Zanesville, OH – Looking for digital marketing help to introduce its new Vital ICE app, Vitalboards® has selected DISRUPT Media to coordinate its social media strategy and content management.  Using their proprietary FUNERAL Social Design Process, DISRUPT Media has helped Vitalboards successfully introduce their mobile Vital ICE app to the funeral profession.

DISRUPT Media’s assistance with social media support has helped continue the success of Vitalboard’s Vital ICE, the premier In Case of Emergency mobile app. Vital ICE is a public safety program that saves lives, which can be custom branded for funeral directors and serve as an exceptional community public relations program.

Vital ICE is the premier In Case of Emergency mobile app that helps save lives anywhere.  Free for download with the sponsor’s unique code, this public safety app locally stores user medical information, emergency contacts and more.  It can be easily accessed by EMS and first responders in situations where the user is unable to speak or is otherwise incapacitated.  First responders are given access to Vital ICE’s back office site, where they can send emergency communications and other alerts to local app users.  Similar medical alert programs, which are limited to use in the home only, can cost families in excess of $1000 per year.

“When I started in the funeral business almost twenty years ago, direct mail was the way to go and that’s what we used to first introduce the Vitalboards® in-home memo boards,” commented Frank Hastings, a partner at Vitalboards.  “However, our recent results with direct mail have been declining.  That’s when we knew things needed to change and we had to consider embracing digital media for the introduction of the Vital ICE app.”

“Since we started working with Ryan and his team at DISRUPT, it seems our Vital ICE marketing program has turned to magic,” stated Hastings.  “Ryan and his team have not only provided social media support, but has been very forthcoming with strategic digital marketing counsel as well.  Using DISRUPT Media has been a real feather in our cap as we introduced the Vital ICE life-saving app.”

“At DISRUPT Media, we’ve had some real pleasure juxtaposing a life-saving app with death and funeral homes on social media,” commented Ryan Thogmartin, President and CEO of DISRUPT Media.   “We been careful to deliver the messages in a tasteful way, which has resulted in some amazing results over the past year for Vitalboards and the VITAL Ice app.”

About Vitalboards: Vitalboards® is the custom branded public safety program that helps save lives.  Vitalboards® provides EMS and other emergency first responders with patient health information in emergency situations.  The original component is an 8-1/2” x 11” write-on/wipe-off memo board with areas for the homeowners to list their vital medical information. The second component is a custom branded, app called Vital ICE.  Free to download for iPhone and Android, Vital ICE allows users to list their vital medical information for emergency situations outside the home.

About DISRUPT MediaDISRUPT Media is a full service social media management and content agency dedicated to the funeral profession.  Started by Ryan Thogmartin, DISRUPT Media provides creative ideas and a simple plan to produce a social media presence that is completely unique for each client.  To learn more, call DISRUPT Media at 800-215-2713 or visit the website at