UPD Urns is proud to announce the addition of their new western warehouse location. Strategically located in Midvale, Utah, this new warehouse puts shipping from UPD Urns within 2 business days to 96% of funeral professionals in the country.

Tyler Fraser, UPD Urns CEO, said, “For years I have dreamed of offering fulfillment of our urns in three locations: west coast, central and east coast. We have made this a reality with the support of our clients and I am thrilled to be able to better serve those customers. This will take UPD Urns to another level of performance.”

With this third warehouse, UPD’s most popular products are on hand and state of the art engraving equipment ensures that personalized urns and keepsakes are within quicker arrival times for services and gatherings. As always, standard shipping is free for UPD’s line of memorial products including urns, keepsakes, and jewelry.

Also, on the horizon is the UPD Fox membership program, which will offer expedited handling, special offerings, and so much more for members. When all is in place, UPD Urns will announce this exclusive program.

UPD Urns, based in Dallas, Texas, now has shipping points in Dallas, Manassas, VA, and Midvale, UT. Their extensive line of cremation products is virtually unmatched in the deathcare space, and new products are being added regularly. Their signature offering to funeral professionals is the Urn Store e-commerce platform, which puts online purchasing of cremation urns at families’ fingertips, straight from the funeral home website.

To learn more contact UPD Urns at (800) 590-4133 or visit us at https://updurns.com.