Everdays delivers an entirely new medium for supporting families, marketing your home & growing your business with preneed sales.

For years, funeral homes have relied on word of mouth to drive business, and building one-on-one connections within the community has been critical to success. As the digital revolution took hold, homes took their marketing online, investing heavily in elaborate websites, paid search listings and Facebook ads, knowing that’s where at-need families were sharing news of their loved one’s passing.

The problem is, none of those build and maintain the kind of personal, trusted relationship that homes rely on. Not to mention, at a time of loss, the decedent and the family deserve more respect, compassion & decorum than having their obituary appear alongside cat videos, sarcastic memes & political chatter— irrelevant distractions that can be insulting & offensive to the grief & the legacy of their loved one.

Everdays is solving that problem with a purpose-built platform that’s more than a digital tool—it’s a whole new medium, giving homes access to a proprietary audience, effectively marketing their home to this new audience, and growing preneed sales. Everdays creates an entirely new experience where families and friends come together, share memories and celebrate the life of their loved one in a respectful manner, away from the social media noise, all the while putting the home at the center of the experience. Aimed at supplementing homes’ existing marketing efforts, Everdays builds thriving networks of supporters for the family, and a captive new audience for homes through which they can build trusted relationships and drive new business.

FBA sat down with Everdays’ Chris Angi, Vice President of Customer Operations, and Nick Jaensch, Executive Vice President, to find out how this new media helps homes unleash their superpowers. 

Nick Jaensch, Executive Vice President

Chris Angi, Vice President of Customer Operations







How is Everdays transforming the funeral industry?

CHRIS: For years, homes have struggled to make technology work for their needs. But, it’s been a square peg in a round hole situation. Sure, you can put obituaries online. But, Facebook, Google and even most homes’ websites don’t really create that reverent sense of community in which friends and family can gather to share memories, condolences and support one another in a time of loss.

Everdays does just that: it enables homes to provide a space where a broad network of people can come together in a community designed solely for this purpose. Our platform puts each home at the center of this community, where their staff can provide guidance, grief support, recommendations and services that can help. Many people don’t know what to say or do when someone dies, or how they can support the family. With Everdays, homes can help them navigate these situations with reverence and respect.

What makes Everdays different from other digital platforms in the funeral profession?

NICK: First, we’re not just another digital marketing channel. Everdays is an entirely new medium that’s modernizing and expanding communication around end of life. We not only help your home build a community, but we help you to establish and grow trusted relationships with every single person in that network.

And, we’re the only solution that helps homes activate these communities to build a valuable preneed sales pipeline. Finally, we’re the first solution that enables homes to sell preneed services directly through their Everdays pages, making it easy and convenient for buyers to purchase a policy and configure their arrangements anytime, anywhere from their mobile device.

How does Everdays enable a home to unleash their superpowers?

CHRIS: Everdays addresses three critical pillars of the funeral home business: family support, marketing services, and preneed sales. When homes create an Everdays Page for each at-need case, our CommunityCare® program goes to work, building a network of potentially thousands of friends and relatives to support the family, providing them with resources, reminders to check in and more. Everdays provides all of this content and distributes it automatically on your behalf, so there’s no work required by the home.

NICK: This correspondence generates tremendous value. It builds top of mind awareness for your home, along with trust and affinity for your brand. These community members see the extra support you provide, so when it’s time for them to make a decision in their own time of need, they’ll remember how your home went above and beyond through the use of Everdays.

CHRIS: Lastly, we close the loop with preneed sales. Studies show that it’s during this time—immediately following a loss—that people are most receptive to preneed messaging. Only Everdays helps homes nurture the family and community through the grief journey, building a powerful, trusted relationship in the process. This way, when the time is right, we can introduce the option of preneed to this captive audience, who will naturally want to do business with a home they’ve come to know & trust. We’re the only solution that allows a home to bring the relationship full circle, from introduction to nurturing, to closing the sale.

Why is Everdays so important in supporting families at their time of loss?

NICK: How a home supports a family at their time of loss is a critical differentiator — doing that well makes a lasting impression on every single person touched by the passing. Of course, the pain of a loss continues far beyond the conclusion of services, but most homes don’t have a way to continue their support beyond that. For most people, when they walk out the door after a memorial service is over, it’s the last time you interact with them until they experience another loss.

With Everdays, your home can offer resources and support for the family and their entire community for months down the road. Our reminders about birthdays, anniversaries and other important milestones guide everyone in the community to support the family at the time they need it most. This unique level of service creates a lasting impression and long-term relationships among community members, so that when the time comes, they’ll want to come to you for their own end of life needs.

Does Everdays compete with a home’s existing preneed or marketing programs?

CHRIS: Everdays is a supplement to your existing services, so there’s no need to change your business—keep doing what you’re doing. Our goal isn’t to take audience share away from any current programs, but instead to open the door to a whole new audience of consumers who are looking for a more modern experience.

Why should every funeral home be using Everdays in 2020?

CHRIS: Preneed sales are critical to the funeral home business model, and the preneed audience is quickly evolving. While the average preneed buyer now is 72, it’s naïve to think folks of this age aren’t digital savvy. In fact, the Pew Research Center found that 73% of seniors age 65 and up go online regularly. Not to mention, it won’t be long before today’s Gen Xers—those roughly 40 to 55—will be the prime consumers of funeral services. They’ve become accustomed to a more modern experience in every product and service they buy. That means homes that can offer the experience they expect will be the ones to capture that business.

The truth is, if you don’t adapt and embrace new ways to reach and support the modern consumer, your competitor across town will, and you may not be able to catch up and survive in the very near future. FBA

To learn more visit www.everdays.com/preneed, call 248.480.2450, or email [email protected].