In with the new, out with the old! Two styles of New Memorials Direct’s extensive jewelry line have been redesigned. The stainless steel versions of the ash-holding Teardrop Heart (Item Number: 3746) and the non-ash holding flat Peaceful Heart (Item Number: 3109) have been updated to match the precious metal versions of these styles. These improved designs will replace the previous versions for all orders imminently as supply of the previous style diminishes. Just like their predecessors, these updated necklaces can be personalized with extensive personalization including actual fingerprint, handwriting, text engraving and more. Those funeral homes that currently have the old styles on existing displays can get a free replacement display piece by contacting New Memorials Direct.

To inquire about these or any of New Memorials Direct’s products, please contact them via telephone at 1-877-995-8767 or visit their website at