Ogden, Utah – More than 3 million video plays in one month! That’s how many times memorial videos were viewed online in the month of January, 2019 alone. This came from over 2 million unique video viewers and brings the total number of memorial video views above 50 million since Tukios began counting.

Tukios can attribute its growth to the fact that their memorial video software has been adopted by more and more funeral homes each month. In addition to creating user-friendly software for the creation of tribute videos, Tukios regularly adds new themes, music and features to the program.

“Our growing number of views demonstrates that consumers are accustomed to watching videos online and it’s crucial that funeral homes provide easy access to the tribute videos they create for their families,” said Tukios founder and CEO Curtis Funk.

Looking ahead, the company is hoping to grow the number of funeral homes they work with all around the world and expects to create more solutions that simplify the life of funeral directors.

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About Tukios
Tukios is the industry-leading tribute video so􀈅ware serving thousands of funeral homes around the globe. Tukios launched in 2010 in order to make the lives of busy funeral directors easier by saving time and money on memorial videos. Tukios offers free trials to anyone interested in learning more about their tribute video creation so􀈅ware. To see a demo or set up a free trial, please call 801-682-4391 or email [email protected]