A simple one-click purchase, Tukios provides yet another beautiful keepsake product with the Softcover Photo Book.


With the photos already in Tukios from creating a video, users can now choose to have a Photo Book produced without having to design anything. These books are 8.5” x 8.5” and printed on durable photo paper.


Curtis Funk, Founder/Dreamer at Tukios had this to say about the new Photo Book:

“We’ve been planning on providing photo books to our clients since the inception of our company. The issue has always been the amount of time users are spending laying out the photos. We didn’t want to launch a product that is more time consuming to order than it is to create a video. This new product is as easy to order as any other keepsake we sell. Just pick a quantity and check out.”


The Softcover Photo Book is live within Tukios and orders are already being fulfilled. The wholesale cost to a funeral home, including shipping, is $25. You can learn more about the Softcover Photo Book at www.tukios.com/photo-book

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