The PreNeed Store™ is Purchased by Greater Georgia Printers of Crawford, Georgia

The PreNeed Store™ provides high-quality, low-cost marketing materials for preneed advertising & sales, at-need products, along with grief and aftercare materials that are in touch with how the readers of it think and feel today. You are able to find what you need in one place, brochures, guides, booklets, mail surveys, newspaper ads and inserts. These items offer all the information that recent research has shown families want and need. You will find our prices are competitive, so you can stretch your dollars and purchase the multiple items you need.


The Preneed Store was purchased by Greater Georgia Printers (GGP), located in Crawford, Georgia in February 2018.  The Preneed Store’s value is created through the support of loyal customers, so we will continue to work hard to ensure that superb customer support, high-quality and low-cost products continue to be the foundation of the business.

New Planning Guide Cover

The staff of GGP is well aware of the goodwill that has been created through relationships with the customers, and we are eager to protect that value by working hard to keep existing customers happy while working to form new and lasting relationships.


GGP has been involved as the designer, printer and shipper of all brochures, guides and booklets since The Preneed Store’s inception. We really appreciate the business, understand how to operate it properly, and are beyond capable of developing its future potential because of this fact. In addition, all direct mailings will be processed through GGP, thus having all parts of The Preneed Store under one roof.


Though no major changes are planned for the business in the short term, we are looking at adding new products along with updates to current items. Additionally, we are very open to receiving client feedback to identify how additional customer value can be created.


The PreNeed Store™ is located at 1263 Athens Road, Crawford, Georgia, 30630. Visit our website at or call Melissa, our Customer Care Manager, at (800) 326.4028 x102.

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