After years of development, which initially began in 2017, The Grief Resource Network’s website has been officially launched. The Grief Resource Network is a multifaceted website designed to cover many different areas of need including a Crisis Center with over 40 nationally recognized hotlines, a Helping Professionals Vendor listing area, a Grief Resource Library that contains among other things important links to grief support groups, and an area called Griefapedia where the medical and academic communities can post their research studies for grieving people to participate in.

Over the years of building out the Grief Resource Network, the websites have gained incredible traction in search engines like Google, where they are listed on the front page of search results, organically, so professionals and businesses joining the network gain important visibility that might otherwise be difficult to attain as independent helping professionals. The Grief Resource Network, and the associated grief support organization, Grief Anonymous, was created by the founder, Holly Barker, during her own time of need due to grief not being well addressed in society and quality resources were hard to find.

The Grief Resource Network’s support groups are accessible 24/7/365 and the resource website is a one-stop shop for the funeral home industry, potentially saving funeral home owners thousands of dollars spent in marketing and aftercare so that resources can be better directed to help bereaved families with their funeral needs.

Registration is free; however, Premier Memberships for the funeral home industry are available and all proceeds go directly to the Jordon Barker Foundation, Inc. that is designed to help those in crisis due to the loss of a loved one and to continue building out Grief Anonymous programs nationwide.

Please join us to be a part of a great solution to helping grieving people in their greatest time of need.

About The Grief Resource Network:

The Grief Resource Network, Grief Anonymous, and the Jordon Barker Foundation were all created with the idea that everyone experiences grief – but they should not have to do it alone. If you feel your clients could benefit from this resource, please reach out to us at 828-726-9554, or [email protected] and feel free to visit The Grief Resource Network website for more information,