The Thacker Manufacturing Team in Florence, Alabama is excited to announce a new casket paint finish called Hi-Def Metallic’s. For the past year, the Thacker Team has been working with our paint supplier and outside vendors to create a brilliant finish that will come standard on all Thacker Caskets.

The Thacker Team has increased the metallic content of all colors to offer a finish every family can truly appreciate. The new finishes will resemble those offered by today’s most popular automotive manufacturers. Some colors including; silver, powder blue and copper have already migrated over to the new and improved Hi-Def Metallic version, but many more colors will be coming soon!

The best news of all is the new Hi-Def Metallic’s will be offered to all Thacker customers with no effect on casket pricing and the improved metallic flake will be found on all Thacker models.

Thacker has received great feedback from our customers in regards to the new paint finishes and encourages all customers to take a look at the improvement on their upcoming deliveries. The new colors truly sparkle, especially when being taken to the cemetery or while on a lowering device on a nice sunny day.

This product improvement is just another step in Thacker’s continued effort to pursue its vision of “being the best supplier of an honest product at an honest price for more families than anyone else.”

To learn more about this product improvement feel free to talk with your local Thacker Sales Consultant or call 800-637-8891.