Who is Thacker Caskets and what product and/or service do they provide?

Thacker Caskets is the largest privately held, family owned casket company in the United States. Thacker Caskets has a total of 15 service centers that service 18 states via its Direct Distribution Network. In addition, Thacker Casket Manufacturing serves many other caskets companies in the areas that are not covered by Thacker’s Direct Distribution network. Despite its core business being caskets, Thacker serves as a one stop shop for everything from rental caskets to marketing & merchandising assistance to crematory supplies.

How did Thacker Caskets get involved in the funeral industry?

The late Carl C. Thacker founded what is now known as Thacker Caskets in 1939 after serving his military duties in the United States Coast Guard. Originally founded as Old Dominion Casket Company, he changed the name to Thacker Caskets in the 1970’s. Since Carl’s death in 1981, his wife, Audrey Thacker, and son, CJ Thacker, have continued to be at the helm of the business.

What makes your company unique?

Thacker Caskets is family owned and operated – just like the funeral homes it serves every day. Thacker understands and empathizes with the ups and downs the funeral home owners experience over the course of time. As a result, Thacker works tirelessly to provide unique products or service experiences that positions its customers ahead of their competitors. Just to name a few: Thacker Rewards™ is a loyalty program that allows customers to build up points in exchange for free items; Tailored Designs™ allows the funeral director to offer many interior styles in caskets all available for an at-need delivery basis; and finally Remembrance Line™ which allows a funeral director to actually offer 8 different rental caskets and actually rent the rental casket from Thacker! None of Thacker’s competitors offers these services!

What are the benefits to funeral homes using Thacker Caskets and/or its products?

Thacker will always look for ways to make its customers businesses stronger. This could be achieved through something as little as a new product or service, or as complex as redesigning a merchandising scheme to better fit the constantly evolving preferences of families. Thacker understands that the best customer loyalty is built off two-way, mutually beneficial partnership whereby both parties bring value to each other.

How does Thacker Caskets provide a solution for funeral homes?

Thacker provides solutions to its customers that can come in any format, big or small. However, for Thacker, the most rewarding solution comes in the form of being able to assist in remerchandising of the selection room to one that better fits the preferences and price point needs of families today. Many of Thacker’s competitors tend to “set and forget” the room until a contract resign date either 3 or 5 years down the road. Thacker’s focus on remerchandising revolves around increasing profitability while maintaining or even decreasing retail prices to the family – and this is typically achieved through lowering the wholesale cost of caskets purchased. Thacker does this all the while maintaining the selection room with the most updated products and services available by Thacker – no more “setting and forgetting” of the funeral home’s selection room!

How would a funeral home contact Thacker Caskets for more information on products?

Funeral homes can feel free to call our Customer Service Team at 800.637.8891 or inquire on our website at www.thackercaskets.com/contact-us. FBA