Who is Thacker Caskets and what product and/or service do they provide?
Thacker Caskets is the industry’s leading family owned funeral supply company. We supply funeral homes with essential products, including metal and wood caskets, oversize caskets, cremation products, crematory supplies, and specialty need items.

How did Thacker Caskets get involved in the funeral industry?
Our history begins in 1939 when Carl C. Thacker founded the company in Washington DC. It started off as a local funeral supply company servicing the greater Washington, DC market. Our company was originally called Old Dominion Casket Company, but the name changed to Thacker in the early 1970s. In 1981, Carl’s wife, Audrey and son, CJ assumed leadership of the company following the death of Carl. Under their direction, the company grew and prospered into the business that we are today. Throughout our 80 plus year history, we have relocated headquarters, expanded into 41 states, began our own manufacturing of metal caskets, introduced innovative products, and launched an interactive virtual showroom.

What makes Thacker Caskets unique?
First and foremost, we are family owned. We are unique in that we are not just trying to sell caskets; but we listen to our customers and treat them as part of the family. In a 2016 survey, the number one request by funeral homes of their casket supplier was to offer more modern casket fabrics that can be interchanged on an at-need basis. We listened. In 2017, we introduced Tailored Designs™, a program that allows a family to style their loved ones’ casket with one of eight alternative modern woven fabrics on an at-need delivery basis. In 2014, we introduced the Remembrance Line, which offers families the ability to choose from several of Thacker’s most popular selling burial casket designs that have been copied and included in our metal, rental Remembrance Line. We also got the rental design patented. These are just a few examples of how Thacker is truly interested in providing funeral homes what they need. We are continually reading, researching, and doing “in the field” work to understand what our customers need.

What are the benefits of funeral homes using Thacker Caskets?
Our company stands out in the industry because of our hard work, our dedicated employees, and the true passion we have for what we do daily. Our goal is simple: provide an honest product at an honest price while valuing the ideals of excellent customer service. When funeral homes decide to work with Thacker, they are not only receiving high quality products, but the best possible service as well. We have highly trained, well-educated sales consultants in the field that understand all aspects of the business, from the administrative side to the sales side to the marketing side. In addition, we offer training sessions that are specifically geared towards individual funeral homes that include display methods and training materials for the arrangers. We do not have one standard training program or resource; we take the time to really get to know the customer and understand their goals and aspirations for their business. We strive to do as much possible “behind the scenes” tasks for our customers so they can focus on their families. The service funeral homes get from Thacker doesn’t stop at training programs; we also provide individual merchandising plans that are well suited for the needs of a specific funeral home, with the needs of the families they are serving in mind.

How does Thacker Caskets provide a solution for funeral homes?
As shown in some of the examples above, we are interested in learning about our customers and understanding what it is they need. We are dedicated to our customers, so much so that CJ Thacker leaves his personal number on our voicemail if the office is closed, so customers can get assistance anytime they need it. We have created innovative products based on the needs of funeral homes and will continue to listen and learn as the industry changes and adapts to modern times.

How would a funeral home contact Thacker Caskets for more information on your products?
Funeral homes can contact Thacker Caskets at 800-637-8891 or visit www.thackercaskets.com.