This is the first in a series of articles in which we will outline how you can put technology to work for you and your funeral home. We will examine four key elements on how technology can positively impact your business with respect to efficiency and productivity; marketing and merchandising; revenue and most importantly the impact it can have on your family’s experience. This first article is an introduction to these key elements; stay tuned over the coming issues for valuable information and tips on how to effectively put technology to work for you!

By now you have heard over and over again from many different sources that your funeral home should embrace technology, and how it can be your greatest untapped resource. On our end, we have heard every excuse you can imagine – technology is too complicated, too expensive and too much work. The fact remains that the reason you keep hearing about technology, and the reason we keep talking about it, is because in this day and age it is vital to your funeral home’s long term success to embrace the wealth of technology that is at your disposal.

As we advance through the 21st century, funeral homes that fully embrace technology will be the ones that prove to be most successful, while those who refuse to get on board will be left behind. We understand that technology can be overwhelming and that there are many concerns that you may have, but at the end of the day the benefits will far outweigh any concerns. By employing technology to your full advantage you will see the positive impacts it will have in the following fields:

Efficiency and Productivity – When technology is used properly, it will be one of the greatest resources you can leverage, as technology does not need a day off, and will never be upset if you work it too hard. Technology can streamline your day to day operations, making your funeral home more efficient which in turn leads to it being more productive, and by being more efficient and productive, you and your staff will be able to spend more time on what really matters – serving your client families.

Marketing and Merchandise – Technology can tremendously help with your marketing and merchandising efforts in a variety of different ways. A very simple way technology can help with your marketing and merchandising is by having the ability to have zero cost product expansion, you can showcase more products and services without actually having the items physically on site. These products and services should include new and innovative lines that may be more appealing to the changing needs of consumers. In addition, as mobile internet usage is beginning to eclipse traditional desktop usage, families can access your goods and services through apps available on their smartphone or tablet.

Revenue – Using technology to leverage your efficiency and productivity along with marketing and merchandising will in the end lead to a growth in revenue. We will showcase studies that show how technology has increased the average revenue per funeral, and we will also show techniques that will allow you to add valuable revenue to your company’s bottom line without compromising the integrity of your firm.

Impact on a Family’s Experience – With the technology that is at your disposal today you can have a deep impact on the experience of the families that you serve. By putting technology to work for your funeral home, you can make an incredibly difficult time for a family not only a little easier, but a better experience and a better memory for them. Technology can really help to capture memories and remembrances in a way that was never possible in the past. We will explain how you can leverage technology into creating stronger family loyalties to your funeral home and we will showcase how technology can change the impression that the family has during their time of need.

Technology is truly the greatest untapped resource for your funeral home, and over the course of these articles we will show how technology will have undeniable benefits to your funeral homes day to day operations, and ultimately its bottom line. We fully accept that technology can be overwhelming and even frustrating, especially when you are trying to take on too much too soon, but in the long run, using technology to its full advantage is really worth the short term headaches. While employing technology has many benefits to your business’ bottom line, the most important aspect is how it can impact the families experience with your funeral home. As technology partners we may never meet the families, but our technology can certainly impact their experiences in their most difficult time. FBA


Jon Clare HeadshotJon Clare is CEO of FuneralTech (formally Twin Tiers Technology). He graduated from Western University in 2005 with his Bachelor of Business Administration. Throughout his career he has always displayed a passion for technology. He became CEO for FuneralTech in May of 2013. For more information, contact Jon at 800.480.6467, ext 102, or by email at [email protected], or visit