Stygar Family Funeral Service in St. Charles, Missouri and Florissant, Missouri has graciously invested back into their communities in order to promote saving lives.

Owners Jeffery Stygar and his brother John “Steven” Stygar, recognized a very unique opportunity.



It is to assist the local St. Charles and Florissant First Responders through a marketing initiative which could potentially save lives.

The Stygars have made available, for free, to everyone in their local community to download the Vital ICE App – the in case of emergency app. The Vital ICE App allows for every individual that takes the opportunity to download it on their phone to have the peace of mind that, even in a life-threatening situations, their pertinent information is readily available to assist the paramedics and EMT’s in providing the proper treatment.

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The Vital ICE App allows the user to store their contact information, emergency contacts, allergies, current medications, allergies to medications, medical history, and a copy of their insurance card.

The app also provides first aid scenarios, a one-touch dial of 911 with GPS location, and an emergency group that can be notified of the user’s distress and location. The Vital ICE app also provides a reminders section where the user can enter in their doctors and pertinent appointments, as well as daily medications.

Stygar Funeral Home is making this potentially life-saving App available to the communities for FREE as a way of showing their gratitude for allowing them to serve the community. All that is required by the user is entering in Stygar’s unique four digit code at start-up.

In conjunction with the Vital ICE app, there is a coinciding Vitalboards Initiative that is distributed by the funeral home locations and partnering fire departments/EMS. It is comprised of a write-on/wipe-off magnetic memo board that can be affixed to all refrigerator surfaces. The useful boards have a Monday through Sunday planner, shopping list, note area, and an important phone numbers section. A wet erase marker with mounting clip accompanies the board, which should be placed on the front of the refrigerator door. What makes the Vitalboards Initiative unique is that, on the reverse side of each board, there is room for each resident to record critical health information.

This Vital information includes questions taken from surveyed EMS, fire, police and ER staff which represents a portion of the required documentation needed in the event of a medical emergency. This “Need to Know” information could help save a life if the resident is unable to speak or is otherwise incapacitated. Home owners are instructed to fill out this information as accurately and legibly as possible. A small weatherproof EMS Sticker is also included, which should be affixed on or near the front door of each residence.

In the event of an emergency at a residence, first responders can identify the location of the Vitalboard on display, to retrieve the homeowner’s vital information. These boards could easily be taken in the ambulance to the hospital, where ER Staff can further access this critical information. Remember, time is of the essence to assist saving lives.

Mr. Jeff Stygar first learned about the Vital ICE app and Vitalboards through an EMS National publication called EMS World Magazine. The International Association hosts an annual EMS World Expo. A thousand suppliers annually converge on the trade show, to be considered for the highly sought after EMS World EXPO Innovation Award. Vitalboards grabbed Jeff’s attention since they won the 2014/15 esteemed honor. Mr. Stygar made the appropriate calls to Vitalboards and his areas first responders, to get the program implemented.

To Learn more how your (MFDA)(OGR)(NFDA) Funeral Home can exclusively partner with your local first responders in saving lives, contact Vitalboards/Memorial Service Mktg at 573-483-3109 or by emailing them through