New Business Will Focus Exclusively on Offering Products to the Funeral Profession

Sun Valley, CA – St. Francis Cromo, a family-owned business that serves the religious, non-profit and funeral industries, has announced the formation of a new company division that will be dedicated solely to the funeral and cemetery profession.  The company has reorganized its religious and non-denominational items for the funeral profession under the parent company name, St. Francis Cromo.  Prayer cards, crosses and crucifixes, register books, rosaries, announcement cards, candles and other funeral products will now be offered from St. Francis Cromo.  Church goods and fundraising products will now be marketed by a separate division, Cromo NB USA.

“We have re-organized because we are keenly aware of the importance of our customer’s needs.  Our goal is to achieve zero customer disappointments,” stated Carlos George, President of St. Francis Cromo.  “We know those in the funeral profession have come to accept only the highest of standards for quality, service and performance from their supplier partners.  We are committed to offering only exceptional products, with zero backorders and on time deliveries – all at competitive prices.”

The company has installed a state-of-the-art inventory management and distribution system to help streamline operations and further improve customer service.  This new system helps ensure inventory is available when customers need it and allows customers to track their shipments from St. Francis Cromo’s warehouse all the way to the location for the deliveries.

“We have incorporated ‘Cromo’ into our name to symbolize our 40 year history of dedication to the funeral profession with the quality of products we offer from Cromo NB (Milan Italy), foremost publisher of fine religious art,” Mr. George added.  “Many of our people are the same who our customers have worked with at the former company, St. Francis Imports. This brings to us a transfer of knowledge and continuity of service to our customers by a smart and intelligent staff who we now call our ‘We Care’ staff.”

More information about the new company can be found on the website, or by calling St. Francis Cromo at 877-331-3367.

About St. Francis Cromo:  St. Francis Cromo is a family-owned business that serves the religious, non-profit and funeral industries throughout North America.  From its offices in Sun Valley, CA, it has provided bereavement, church goods, and fundraising products for more than 40 years.  In 2018, the company combined the church goods and fundraising divisions of San Francis Cromo under one company named Cromo NB USA.  The funeral division has been set up and established as St. Francis Cromo.

About Cromo N.B.:  Cromo N.B. was founded in 1927 by Giacomo (Nino) Basevi in Milan, Italy.  Cromo N.B. was the first company to introduce color printing to what had been exclusively black and white reproductions of religious prints.  Today, Cromo N.B. (Milan Italy) is recognized as the world’s foremost publisher of fine religious art as well as the leading producer and designer for greeting cards, calendars, and various other stationery items sold at retail outlets around the world.