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Who is Skyways Media Inc and what product and service do they provide?

Skyways Media is a family owned and operated business and is one of the few fully vertical print and digital media companies with an expansive team covering every area of print and digital creation. Aside from owning their own print presses backed by a great design team, they have a dedicated marketing division whose sole purpose is to procure advertising revenue to subsidize the costs of their products.

Skyways designs and prints Funeral Planning and information guides for ‘Independent’ funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoria and has recently launched its own funeral planning ‘App’

Skyways products however are supplied at ZERO costs to the funeral home.

How did Skyways Media get involved in the funeral industry?

When they started the business some 12 years ago, they supplied a range of guides to the Healthcare industry that covered topics such as Maternity, Post-operative, seniors and Bereavement. After a number of years they began discussing the idea of producing Funeral planning guides with Funeral Directors, many of whom actually advertised with them in their hospital publications.

The topic of making both ‘Pre-planning and At-need ’arrangements is extensive and they discovered particularly in North America that independent homes were just not giving out or offering any substantive information to assist people.

What makes Skyways funeral planning guides unique?

The obvious unique feature is that they supply their guides at absolutely no cost to the funeral home, however they also individually design each of their guides so that they are unique to each home, they are totally flexible and their homes can have as little or as much input on the compilation of the content as they choose, some of their homes prefer to write every word but others who are often too busy let them get on with the guide and to present a finished piece to them when ready.

What are the benefits to funeral homes from using their guides?

The benefits are wide ranging, however if you take as an example one of their typical clients, they are usually an independent family owned business who neither have the budget nor the human resources to compile a guide, so the first benefit is that they do all the heavy work.
Secondly, their marketing team works closely with the home to bring in advertising that does not conflict with any of the home’s activities, rather they include businesses that compliment the home’s core business and offer their clients choices upon products and services that they actually need. This marketing process also cements business relationships locally further strengthening the home’s reputation and standing.

As their guides offer valuable information the home’s clients and families find them of huge benefit, whether it be making pre arrangements easier to understand or a stressful at-need arrangement easier to cope with; it all reflects directly upon the home in a positive manner.

The pure business benefit is however hard to ignore, the home receives normally 1,000 guides per year to give out to their clients at zero cost, they will then place them strategically within other business’s & organizations within their community, this offers the community a publication that addresses a very important subject, while acting as a superb marketing tool for the home, their homes typically see a 14% increase in Pre-planning business, as a direct result of the guide.

How does Skyways provide a solution for funeral homes?

Many years ago when they first began publishing funeral planning guides for the funeral sector it was apparent that there was a definite need, seniors particularly still like to read physical printed matter as not everyone is ‘web savvy’ , however what they really provide is a means for a typical independent funeral home to be able to compete on a like for like basis with the corporate owned home down the street, Skyways Media relish the opportunity to provide a superb high quality guide in this scenario.

How would a funeral home contact Skyways for more information on their products?

It’s always great to talk to clients but an email requesting more information works equally well, they have offices in New York and Toronto and field staff across North America on hand to meet in person. FBA

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