Who is Sich Casket and what products and services do they provide?

Sich Casket Company is a top-selling manufacturer of premium quality caskets. Sich has a complete line of traditional wood and metal burial caskets. Additionally, Sich has a line of cremation caskets including several models that have eco-friendly features that offer a responsible balance between natural and traditional design. These products are distributed through a network of exclusive, independent distributors in North America.

How did Sich Casket get involved in the funeral industry?

Sich had its earliest beginnings as a furniture manufacturer. After researching the funeral industry, Sirius Chan decided that Sich would change its core product from furniture to high-quality wood caskets. In 2004 Sich began manufacturing wood caskets and a few years later, Sich expanded its factory and began producing a comprehensive line of metal caskets.

What makes Sich Casket special?

Several factors make a Sich casket unique:

• Sich Casket combines an enduring commitment to traditional craftsmanship with innovative production methods to offer caskets at an excellent price.

• The company sources its materials globally to provide the best quality and value at every price point.

• Sich caskets are sold through a carefully-selected network of independent distributors that share our value proposition and an unwavering dedication to the funeral profession.

• The local distributors are Sich Casket’s “eyes and ears” in the local markets and as such keep the company apprised of local market conditions which allows Sich to be responsive to the needs of these distributors and the funeral homes they serve.

• Our distribution network consists of 63 distributor warehouses strategically located throughout North America.

In summary – Sich manufactures impeccable, world-class caskets that are built to meet or exceed U.S. standards in design, features, and quality that are sold through a network of independent distributors and Sich caskets cost far less than comparable caskets from other manufacturers.

What are the benefits of funeral homes using Sich Casket?

Sich works very closely with each of its distributors to develop caskets that represent the unique tastes, cultures and religious customs of the region. With the help of its progressive distributors, caskets are created and offered to funeral homes to help a family tell the endearing story of their loved one.

What solution does Sich Casket provide for funeral homes?

For many families, the casket remains the centerpiece at the funeral service. It is the last thing that a family buys for their loved one; it will frame their “memory picture” for years to come. Sich Casket and its distributors offer families the opportunity to purchase a high-quality casket at a fair price – a casket of “affordable luxury”.

How would a funeral home contact Sich Casket for more information on its products?

For more information, visit www.SichCasket.com, email [email protected] or call (888) 794-1744.

Sirius Chan, president of Sich Casket, credits the efforts of their network of progressive independent distributors for much of the company’s success.