Each Model Features a New and Different Exterior Material in Its Construction

SICH Casket, a leading provider of caskets to funeral homes throughout North America, is proud to introduce three new cremation caskets to the funeral profession.  These three models will debut at the National Funeral Director Association’s annual convention in Chicago next week.  The company will also be featuring several of their popular burial caskets at the show.

“Since SICH started selling caskets in North America more than ten years ago, one of the most frequent questions I have been asked is when will Sich start offering cremation caskets,” commented Sirius Chan, president of SICH Casket. “While we have offered a number of traditional wood and veneer caskets that could be used for cremation in the past, these three new models have been designed first and foremost with the cremation consumer in mind using materials that help bring down the overall cost of the caskets.”

The three caskets are offered in half couch and each features a different exterior material.  The Serenity  Banana Leaf  offers a hand-woven exterior made of banana leaves around a wooden frame with rope handles and wood grips.  The Purity Willow also has a hand-woven exterior that is made of willow canes around a wooden frame with rope handles.  The Classic Walnut Veneer offers raised panel trims and moldings on all four side panels and cap of the casket; decorative features typically not found on inexpensive caskets.  This casket also features a walnut paper veneer with a special coating to protect it from scratching.  The banana and willow caskets come with a natural, non-bleached cotton fabric interior and the walnut veneer casket has a crepe interior.  Each of these caskets also offers an ultra-absorbent laminate sheet that retains fluids in the event liquids ever become present inside the casket and in addition, provides odor protection.

“When I decided it was time for SICH to enter the cremation casket market, I wanted to not only use new and different materials to bring about a lower cost, I also wanted to offer new and innovative features in these caskets, ” stated Chan.  “The new absorbent sheet that each of these caskets offers is a real game-changer.  I first saw it used in the healthcare profession and knew it was something that would be appreciated by funeral directors, so we have utilized it in these caskets.  I can’t wait to hear the reactions of funeral professionals to this feature at the convention.”

For more information about SICH Casket, visit www.sichcasket.com.

The Serenity Banana Leaf is designed with a hand-woven banana leaf outer shell along with a strong solid wood frame for rigidity and strength for lifting.

The Purity Willow offers an outer shell made of willow canes.  The casket features a wooden frame for rigidity and rope handles for lifting.

The Classic Walnut Veneer features raised decorative moldings and trims on all four side panels and top.  It offers a walnut paper veneer and has a knockdown design.

About SICH Casket:  SICH Caskets manufactures more than 200 models of caskets for burial and cremation, including carbon steel, stainless steel, precious metals, and many varieties of beautiful hardwoods.   Every SICH casket is built to meet or exceed U.S. standards in design, features, and quality.  Founded by company president Sirius Chan, SICH sources its materials globally to provide the finest quality and best value at every price point. The company distributes caskets through a number of metal and hardwood casket distributors throughout North America.