Serenity Funeral Home and Cremation is located in Margate, Florida and is owned and operated by Keila Crucet and Iberia “Ivy” Ajo. The Florida funeral home is not just an average funeral home. With years of experience, and highly professional, friendly and compassionate staff, Serenity Funeral Home is the first choice for hundreds of area families each year. Keila and Ivy are proud to embrace traditional values, diversity, and innovation in honoring the spirit and life of each person they serve. This mentality and practice has made it possible for the pair to make a name for themselves and run a successful business.

The funeral home itself offers a unique atmosphere that breaks the mold of the industry standard. Serenity offers traditional service but with a modern touch. The overall look of the funeral home is similar to that of a Manhattan loft. The space is very open, bright and white with modern furniture. The space is inviting and comfortable and is a space that has a wow factor that families truly enjoy.

Keila is the Managing Partner of the funeral home. She is an experienced, licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer, and a graduate of the Miami-Dade College – W. L. Philbrick School of Funeral Sciences. Keila is an active Board Member of the Broward County Guardianship Association and is dedicated to promoting the protection, dignity, and value of incapacitated persons. A Miami, Florida native, she enjoys outdoor sports, the beach, traveling and spending time with her family. She’s fluent in Spanish and Italian and has a passion for helping others.

“I was always interested in the medical field, but wasn’t sure that was the perfect route for me so I began to look for something similar. That’s when I got into embalming,” explains Keila Crucet.

Ivy Ajo, is a Licensed Pre-Need Funeral Counselor and Administrative Partner in the funeral home. She assists families with their pre-need funeral plans as well as overseeing the daily operations. Originally from Havana, Cuba, she’s fluent in Spanish. She enjoys the outdoors, working with various charities and world travel.

Keila was working at another funeral home when she and Ivy decided it was time they worked for themselves and started their own business. With Ivy’s strong business background and Keila’s license, the pair were a perfect match.

“With my skills and license and Ivy’s business know-how, we knew we would make a great team and we knew we could really make a difference in this industry,” says Keila.

Serenity Funeral Home is a full service funeral home. They offer a wide selection of funeral and memorial services ranging from traditional to uniquely innovative and personal, burial services and cremation options, natural choices including green burial and green cremation, as well as celebrant services.

As small, female operated funeral home, starting and maintaining the business has come with its fair share of challenges for Keila and Ivy. Competing with the big names in the business is tough, but the personalized service that Serenity Funeral Home guarantees makes them a strong competitor in their area and in the industry as a whole.

“We are extremely hands on and we offer a personal touch. From the second a family walks in the door, we want them to feel welcomed and comfortable and we work hard to make sure that happens. Our customer service really sets us apart from out competition. We go above and beyond what is expected with each family we serve and we hold their hand through every step of the process,” explains Keila.

In addition to great customer service, the Serenity Funeral Home website also helps set the funeral home apart from their competition. It is easy to use, packed with important information, and have an elegant design.

“We use Frontrunner Professional for our website. We rely on that heavily and it helps us immensely, we honestly can’t imagine not having that site,” says Keila.

Since the inception of Serenity Funeral Home in 2012, Keila and Ivy have developed a great relationship with Bogati Urns. Bogati Urns has offered funeral homes and crematories unparalleled service and wholesale pricing since 2004. Equally unparalleled is the quality and variety of their urns, scattering tubes and related products. Keila and Ivy love the products from Bogati, but they love the service even more.
“Andrea Bogard and everyone at Bogati Urns is great. We’ve worked with them since the beginning and we are never disappointed. They offer the highest quality products and anytime we have a problem or a question we just pick up the phone and call Andrea and they make it happen,” says Keila.

In today’s industry, a lot of smaller funeral homes are being bought out by much larger corporate entities, but Keila and Ivy are proud to say that won’t be the case with their business. They are holding strong and are excited to continue to offer their personal touch and customized services. Although there are big trend changes happening in the industry that can be stressful, Keila and Ivy and everyone at the Serenity Funeral Home are prepared to monitor those trends and adjust accordingly.

“The trends of this industry change, and sometimes in big ways, which can be hard to manage but we work hard to stay up to date with everything. It’s easy to get comfortable and run your business the same way every day, but the funeral homes that are the most successful are the ones that push beyond the industry standards and are flexible to change, and that’s something we are good at,” explains Keila.

If a funeral home is struggling, Keila stresses that you may need to take a more hands-on approach to the business.

“Be hands on. If you start working with a family, see their case through until the very end, don’t hand them off to someone else. Treat every family like it is your family – they aren’t just another case number. In this industry, it’ also important to be upfront about prices. The experience is already difficult for the families, and they don’t need any unexpected surprises. It makes it easier for the funeral home and the families to have pricing clear. Families are very happy when you involve them in every step in the process and you keep them in the loop. Transparency puts families at ease,” says Keila.

There are still a lot of successful funeral homes in today’s industry that are small, and Serenity Funeral Home and Keila and Ivy are a proof of that. Smaller funeral homes, like Serneity, have the ability to provide excellent service and offer a top notch personal experience due to their size. Small funeral homes make families feel comfortable, like they are at home, and that helps make the overall process stress-free.

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