Save My Ink Forever: Creating a Life Time of Memories

There are about 40 million people in the United States alone that have at least one tattoo and several million that have multiple tattoos. Tattoos are wearable art that people use to tell stories about their lives. Some have just one and others spend hundreds of dollars to ink most of their bodies.

Tattoos and skin art are part of the fabric of our lives, of our loved ones lives and are special to their families. They tell a story, express beliefs and portray what is important to them. As cremation continues to gain popularity, families are looking for new and creative ways to memorialize their loved ones.

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Doctor Edward Cornett and Mike Sherwood, founders of Save My Ink Forever both have a passion to serve this need and have developed a unique proprietary process for preserving tattoos. Along with team members, Kyle Sherwood, Kelly Lanckiewicz and Barry Doyle, Esq., their mission is to help carry on a loved one’s story. They focus on creating an everlasting memorial that becomes a framed piece of art that is presented to families in a dignified manner.

The process took just over a year and a half for them to develop. Preserving tattoos does not include the traditional methods that are used in funeral homes for preservation, it’s a completely different process. After the process for preserving tattoos was developed, their next step was to figure out what exactly the margin was for this time of memorialization product.

“Here at Save My Ink Forever, we have three generations in funeral service. With that in mind and knowing the industry and issues it is facing now, such as the increase in the cremation rate which has reduced revenue, we were lead to the funeral industry as a market. But we still weren’t sure if we had a market,” said Mike Sherwood, one of the founders of Save My Ink Forever.

They decided to take their idea to last year’s NFDA Convention and Expo, with a last minute decision to exhibit. They were met with a good amount of interest and could feel their credibility growing. They found that since it’s something so new and unheard of, some are a bit leery of the concept, but most people love it. Even though the funeral industry is a bit conservative and rather tight knit, Save My Ink Forever has broken into the funeral industry with their unique product.

“Most of the people that love the idea are the people that have ink and want to pass their skin art down to loved ones. When we first launched the idea, we weren’t sure how it was going to be received. It was overwhelmingly received by the funeral homes, so from there we pursued it,” explained Mike.

“Funeral homes have a very unique opportunity to offer a memorial product that has not been seen before. Save My Ink Forever offers something truly unique and special,” Edward added.

Edward and Mike explain that when a loved one passes away, a family can visit the Save My Ink Forever website to find a preferred provider in their area. If a funeral home or crematory is not listed, the family can request the funeral home to provide the recovery services with the help of Save My Ink Forever.

“Funeral homes ideally have 48 to 72 hours to contact us after a death in order to provide the saved ink art. We will work with any funeral home or crematory to provide the families you serve with an everlasting memorial. Your funeral home will be sent a recovery kit that contains all of the essential paperwork and materials for the recovery process of the tattoo. You will receive a protected link with step by step instructions on how to recover the tattoo and treat the skin art before you send it to Save My Ink Forever. After the recovery process is completed, your families can expect to receive their framed tattoo art within 2 to 3 months. Your funeral home staff will be able to assist your families with the choice of 6 different frames, with custom framing upon request. All framing meets archival standards with UV protective glass,” explained Mike.

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“We felt that it was a unique memorial product that could help the funeral industry fill in that lost revenue gap. For the funeral homes, to become a provider with us, it costs them absolutely nothing. They have no inventory costs, no overhead costs, we pay for everything including shipping to and from their establishment. So for them, it’s just pure revenue,” Mike added.

As the new generations make tattoos more socially acceptable and the funeral industry continues to change, the market for Save My Ink Forever will continue to grow.

“I’m pretty heavily tattooed myself,” mentions Kyle Sherwood of Save My Ink Forever, “and I know that all the tattoos that I have, have a deep meaning to me. So much to where that I know if something were to happen to me, especially at my age, that my dad would want my tattoo. I have one that is dedicated to him, myself, and my granddad, which represents the three generations of us in the funeral business. And that was where the passion for this process came for me. I personally had a need for it and I knew others would too,” he continues.

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By becoming a preferred provider your business will be listed on our website to let families know you offer our service. We send promotional materials to your funeral home/crematory to display in your lobby or selection room. Also, Save My Ink Forever offers complimentary banner placement on our site. For more information on how you can be a preferred provider with Save My Ink Forever and provide a unique and lasting tribute for your families, call 216-245-0993 or visit our website at

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