Company Is Now Sole Provider of Renowned Italian Funeral Stationery in North America

Sun Valley, CA – Saint Francis Cromo, a family-owned business that has served the funeral profession for more than 40 years, has announced they are now the one and only distributor of Cromo NB funeral products in North America.  Until recently, Saint Francis Cromo shared the distribution with another funeral company in North America.  When that company chose to sever ties with Cromo NB in Milan, Italy, Saint Francis Cromo stepped up to fill the void.

“We now carry the largest collection of Cromo NB prayer cards and other stationery products,” stated Carlos George, President of Saint Francis Cromo.  “And we make it a point to maintain a 90% in stock ratio for all Cromo NB prayer cards to all but eliminate out-of-stock occurrences.”

The company has installed a state-of-the-art inventory management and distribution system to help streamline operations and further improve customer service.  This system helps ensure inventory is available when customers need it and allows customers to track their shipments online 24/7 from Saint Francis Cromo’s warehouse all the way to the point of delivery.  In addition, once orders are processed, an invoice is generated with a tracking number and emailed to the customer.

“All Cromo NB images are copyrighted and owned by the company in Italy, thus ensuring all our products are of the highest quality,” added Mr. George.  “In addition, we stringently enforce any infringements when they occur; this helps to make sure our customers are ensured of the authenticity of our product offerings.”

More information about the company can be found on the website,  Orders may be placed by calling Saint Francis Cromo at 877-331-3367 or by contacting one of their funeral home distributors.

About Saint Francis Cromo:  Saint Francis Cromo is a family-owned business that has been associated with funeral service for more than 40 years.  From its offices in Sun Valley, CA, the company sells and distributes high-quality religious items (prayer cards, crosses and crucifixes, register books, rosaries, announcement cards, and candles) to funeral homes and cemeteries throughout North America.  Many of the products offered are created by the Cromo NB Studios of Milan Italy, the foremost publisher of fine religious art in the world.

About Cromo N.B.:  Cromo N.B. was founded in 1927 by Giacomo (Nino) Basevi in Milan, Italy.  Today, Cromo N.B. (Milan Italy) is recognized as the world’s foremost publisher of fine religious art as well as the leading producer and designer for greeting cards, calendars, and various other stationery items sold at retail outlets around the world.