Rollings Funeral Service is announcing the recent merger of two of their locations in Parkersburg, WV. The two funeral homes, Vaughan Funeral Home and Kimes Funeral Home & Cremation Services, will now be serving their Parkersburg community under one roof and will be known as Vaughan-Kimes Funeral Home & Crematory.

Greg Rollings, president & CEO of Rollings Funeral Service, commented “Every decision we make regarding our funeral homes are centered around how to best serve families. By merging these two funeral homes into one and operating out of one location, we can now more efficiently serve Parkersburg and provide a higher level of care.” Rollings also noted that all part-time and full-time staff from both locations will be kept on.

Speaking with Sam Church, regional manager for Rollings Funeral Service’s West Virginia locations, mentioned that it just made more sense for their families to merge the two firms. “With both having good names in the community and a strong following of loyal families locally that we would combine the two together and have the businesses combined into one facility,” said Church. He also mentioned that the merged firm will now operate out of the current Kimes Funeral Home building. “Kimes Funeral Home was specifically designed and built as a funeral home so there’s a more modern layout, larger chapel, and more parking for families,” Church noted. The Vaughan Funeral Home location closed at the end of May.

Rollings Funeral Service acquired Vaughan Funeral Home in 2019 and Kimes Funeral Home & Cremation Services in 2020.

About Rollings Funeral Service

With nearly 70 locations, Rollings Funeral Service is one of the largest private funeral home owners in the eastern United States. With each of their firms operated on the local level, their managers work directly with Rollings Funeral Service to establish budgets, pricing, and best practices. They also pride themselves on being a great alternative to selling to a publicly traded company and they continue to search for firms that will be a great fit to their growing family of funeral homes.