Rollings Funeral Service is excited to announce the launch of their new podcast, A Grave Affair. The podcast is hosted by their director of social media and strategic communications, Umberto Putrino, and their social media specialist, Justin Stubbs. With two episodes released every month, their goal is to shed light on and give a behind the scenes look at death care to those inside and outside the industry.

“I think some of the biggest challenges we face in funeral service are that people are afraid to talk about death and, to an extent, people don’t really know what funeral directors do on a daily basis. That’s why when Umberto and Justin told me they wanted to start a funeral podcast, my immediate answer was ‘yes,’” said Greg Rollings, president & CEO, of Rollings Funeral Service. Rollings further mentioned that he always looks for ways in which to help push the funeral profession forward and he is excited to see how this podcast can make a difference.

Speaking with Putrino, he mentioned their main goal is to educate in an insightful and thought-provoking way about everything funeral related. “At some point, everyone has to deal with a funeral home or funeral director and yet so many people don’t know what goes on behind our doors,” said Putrino. “We’ll be talking about a range of topics from unique funeral stories all the way to how funeral directors handle their own grief and everything in between,” he continued. Putrino also mentioned that having access to all the funeral directors in Rollings Funeral Service will allow him and Stubbs to get a variety of opinions and stories they can feature on their show. “Ultimately, we want our listeners outside of death care to have a better understanding of the funeral profession and we want our listeners inside the industry to walk away feeling proud of what they’re part of,” Putrino finally noted.

A Grave Affair can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and the Rollings Funeral Service website under “Who We Are.”

About Rollings Funeral Service, Inc.

With nearly 70 firms, Rollings Funeral Service is one of the largest private funeral home owners in the eastern United States. With each of their firms operated on the local level, their managers work directly with Rollings Funeral Service to establish budgets, pricing, and best practices. They also pride themselves on being a great alternative to selling to a publicly traded company and they continue to search for firms that will be a great fit to their growing family of funeral homes.