Johnson Consulting Group will release findings from a 2019 report that tracks trends in the funeral profession among more than 1,000 funeral and cemetery businesses.

“We are champions of data-driven decisions,” said Jake Johnson, president and CEO of Johnson Consulting Group. “Performance Tracker allows us to put that data into our clients’ hands—to inform decisions.”

This year’s Performance Tracker Trends & Insights report incorporates 2019 data into the sales and family satisfaction survey analysis. The findings reflect the compilation and analysis of more than 700,000 sales records and 184,000 survey responses collected since 2011.

In addition, this year’s results provide a particularly important baseline for identifying and evaluating the anticipated effects of COVID-19 on the funeral industry in 2020 and beyond.

Key findings include:

  • Families continue to recognize very high levels of satisfaction with their chosen facility, with more than 96 percent rating their experience as “Superior” or “Above Average,” in particular, recognizing the impact of caring, compassionate and professional staff.
  • There is not a significant relationship between the average sale and either the family’s reported level of satisfaction or how likely they are to recommend the facility.
  • The rapid transition from burials to cremations seems to have stabilized. With individual case sales increasing for all case types, the average sale is just slightly below a trending average of around $5,000, as lower priced cremations make up a larger portion of the sales than a few years earlier.
  • Changing economics and ways of doing business are affecting how facilities operate, with significant differences evident in the number of cases and average sales per case by arrangers based on the size of both the facility and the company in which that facility operates. 
  • While service fees are increasing, discounts are as well, and product sales and services remain in line with customer expectations.

 According to the report, families are more likely than ever to recommend their funeral home to others.

Lori Salberg, Director of Technology at Johnson Consulting Group’s sister company, J3Tech Solutions states “There is a significant relationship between the satisfaction of families and their likelihood to recommend,”. Salberg explains, “The experience of other family members is cited as a key factor by 50 percent of families when it is time to make choices for their loved ones—so the importance of this recommendation cannot be overstated.”

The full Performance Tracker trends and insights report will be published on the Johnson Consulting Group website on Thursday, October 15th of 2020.

COVID-19 and the funeral industry

The many effects of COVID-19 on the profession will become clearer as 2020 progresses. Johnson Consulting Group has commissioned a special report to investigate the effects of COVID-19 on customer experience in the funeral industry. The results will be released in the near future

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