Three key words, Reduce, Reuse, and most importantly, Recycle, define our daily lives in the 21st Century. Recycle bins are ubiquitous in homes, offices, and manufacturing facilities. It is also important to Funeral/Cremation businesses. Yet prior to 2008, very few crematories were recycling the metallic byproducts of the cremation process. Those byproducts include, prosthetics, casket remnants, and dental implants. Today, nine years later, almost all our 3,000 crematories are actively recycling.

At the forefront of 21st Century cremation recycling, is the company, Implant Recycling. Hailing from the rust-belt Midwest, are two fourth generation metal recyclers, owner Brad Wasserman and sales representative Kenneth Allan, and veteran cremation equipment and service expert Vice President Guy Esposito. Wasserman explained the various stages in the evolution of cremation recycling. At the beginning, crematories had questions about recycling. Was it legal? How would client’s families react and how do you broach the subject to the next of kin? Would there be a negative view of the crematories in their communities, thinking them ghoulish and opportunistic? Wasserman as a trained psychologist was particularly sensitive to the feelings of the deceased’s family members. As such, he developed programs that were congruent with the emotional needs of families and the values, laws, and regulations of the death care industry.

By 2012, four years after the creation of Implant Recycling, the company was servicing almost 1500 crematories in North America. During that time, the next evolutionary stage was beginning. No longer was there debate about whether to recycle or send the metals to landfills. Now the question was, should the crematory accept monetary compensation for the recycling time and effort, or should any accrued funds from recycling be donated to charities? All the major funeral/cremation associations, came out with position papers in favor of cremation recycling. They recommended strong and clear disclosure to the families of the deceased, and suggested that any accrued funds from the recycling, be donated to a favored charity of the next of kin or crematory ownership.

Despite, conservative and client sensitive guidance of the professional associations and their respective legal advisers, gold melt, sample, and assay shops marketing themselves as “refineries”, started popping up all over the place. With the boom in the gold market depleting scrap jewelry available for purchase, melt shops desperately marketed their services to crematories with wads of cash in their hands to purchase the gold remnants. It brought awareness of the value of recycling to crematories, some confusion, and lots of annoying contacts with these “refineries.”

From this, the current stage has arrived where most crematories want to receive the highest return for the remnant metals. The dilemma today is, should crematories deal with these fly-by-night “refineries”, or do they seek a solution from a modern 21st Century company like Implant Recycling? A company that returns competitive compensation, and improves the experience of crematory owners and operators, and more importantly deals with grieving clients with care and sensitivity?

Implant Recycling has introduced an exciting program called “Maximizer” that totally redefines recycling in crematories. What is Maximizer? The Maximizer program empowers crematories to capture and recycle the greatest amount of metal while positively impacting owners/shareholders/crematory operators/funeral homes and the families they serve. To achieve this goal, Implant Recycling provides crematories free state of the art processing equipment, training, and ongoing support. Participants in the Maximizer program receive more in return than any recycling program to date.

Here are the benefits and some testimonials from some Implant Recycling customers:

1. Free Machinery and Associated Tools:
• Cost savings to owner. Machines such as the B&L 499 and the Facultatieve High Speed Cremulator range from $9,500.00 USD to $42,000.00 USD.
• Eliminate risk associated with equipment purchase. If you are unhappy with the equipment, we take it back at no consequence to the crematory.
• Provide upgraded/additional equipment as your business grows.

“Consistent performance, Removes the time my cremationist had to search for items that would damage our previous machine, and the dust fan has really cut down the general dust in the area. It is amazing, and I never would have ever searched for something different because I didn’t know that there was something less painful – but more importantly it never would have happened unless the machine was part of the deal. It is hard enough to buy new service vehicles, to buy a new machine that most commonly like an oversized blender is usually out of the question. Now I would never change.” -Eli Strommer

“The free cremated remains processing equipment received by Implant Recycling has definitely increased our recoverable recyclables which has intern increased our financial donations. This equipment has operated exactly as promised and has had no breakdowns. This equipment not only provides a perfectly processed finished product, is 85% more efficient than the standard magnet and processing pot but also reduces air pollution dust and noise. Out of all the manufactures/suppliers I do business with regarding our crematorium, Implant Recycling and Facultative provide the best customer service I have encountered. I pride myself in having state-of-the-art equipment and surrounding myself with the best in the industry. I without any hesitation consider Implant Recycling and their staff in that class.” – Renee Taylor, Maple Ridge, B.C.

2. Free Training, Consulting and Continuing Support:
• All Implant Recycling employees are required to complete Operator Certification Training.

“McInnis and Holloway has been very pleased to partner with Implant Recycling for over 8 years, we continue to be impressed with the personal service and understanding of our profession and our crematorium operators and company needs.” – Jeff Hagel, Calgary, AB

“Guy Esposito himself showed up to install our machine and train my staff on how to properly operate it, and will call to check on us and make sure that we have everything we need to ensure proper operation of our processing unit.” – Erwin Phelps, Portland, OR

3. Free Maintenance, Repair and/or Replacement, Fast Turn Around Time:
• Costs associated with ownership are eliminated.
• Full lifetime repair/replacement far exceeds manufacturer’s warranty.

“Having zero maintenance costs associated with the processing unit reduces overhead costs and improves our bottom line.” -Jeff Musgrove, Eugene, OR

4. Guaranteed Payment:
• Monthly payments can be predetermined based on a per case formula.
• No more bait and switch.
• Eliminates selling of metals.
• Lawful program for all 50 states.
• Crematories now can disclose to their families the exact amount of compensation they receive for their recycling efforts.
• Crematories can now offer families the opportunity to donate funds to their preferred charity.

“We have a fairly consistent schedule of cremations and a regular pickup time for the recyclable material. Changing from our last company to this one I never knew how much our charities were getting ripped off, how much they were missing out. Thousands.”- Eli Stromer

5. Uniform Consistency of Remains, Free of Contaminants:
• All remains will consistently be 1/8” diameter or less.
• 99% free of metal contaminants.
• Families receive back remains as imagined.
• Enables family to scatter remains without the trauma of witnessing larger bone fragments and/or metals during release.
• Reduces legal liability – appearance of comingling.

“Slightly bigger than sand but just as evenly consistent. No missed staples or rivets, just a fine return of processed remains. It is really quite beautiful and simple compared to running the old processor 2 or 3 or 4 times depending on the age of the blades and volume of remains collected.” – Eli Stromer

6. Improved Processing Time:
• Reduces the need to remove smaller metal fragments.
• Automatic or easier methods of transferring remains to urn.

“5 minutes for a novice, for the whole processing and placing the remains in an urn time. The machine itself only runs for 2 minutes… 2 MINUTES! Removes the metals and everything else is a fine granule.” – Eli Stromer

“There is no way I could handle the business growth we have had without it.” – Steven Palmateer, Holland, MI

7. Improved Air Quality and Aesthetics:
• Operator exposure to dust greatly minimized.
• Improves experience for witnessing families.
• Enhances the appearance of compliance.
• Improved aesthetics enhances the experience for employees and families.
• Improved environment enables crematory to stand out to potential funeral home customers.

“Our new processing unit has improved the air quality in our crematory and throughout our building. We also know that this improved air quality has added to the safety of our crematory operator.” – Rick Wiseman, Lenexa, KS

“Once our funeral home clients saw that we were exceeding expectations in new and better technology and equipment, other funeral homes started to see us in a new light. Growth happened.” – Steven Palmateer, Holland, MI

“Number 7 is another big one, I am a clean freak and the processor has made it so much easier to keep the crematory clean and the crematory staff safer.” – Angie Berwald
Cleveland, Ohio

8. Reduction of Noise:
• Enhances crematory environment for the operator.
• Reduces traumatic experience for witnessing families.

“The new machine is so quiet; you won’t notice when its processing. Our old processor was so loud we could not run it during a service.” – Sandra Davis, Lake Elsinore, CA

9. Premier Value Add Recycling Program:
• 80% of crematories receive more compensation than previous returns.
• More desirable to your customer, whether family or funeral home client.
• Significant reduction in legal liability and all associated costs.

10. More Recycling:
“Guy, the reason I decided to stay with Implant Recycling is because of you. Call it #11 on your list. I feel you genuinely believe in what we are doing and how we’re doing it. I’m a relationship kind of guy and want to do business with people I trust. With that said all 10 points you listed are of value to me and I was most excited about the new processing machine, which has been a great asset to our crematory operation. It has made ‘Processing’ easier for my co-workers and in turn provided a much more consistent end result in the cremated remains for the families that have trusted us to facilitate this process. Thank you the partnership.” – James (Jimmy) N. Lucas, Jr, Fort Worth, TX

In summary, the staff at Implant Recycling have brought state-of-the-art machinery, customer service, and sensitivity towards their customer’s clients. It has taken them to the very top of the crematory recycling business. Having invested over 1 million dollars in crematories over the past 9 months, Implant Recycling has demonstrated it’s commitment to the cremation industry not only in terms of invested capital, time, and effort, but shared liability. As Wasserman has pointed out, Implant Recycling has skin in the game. FBA