Updates Make Managing Funeral Home’s Online Reputation More Effective and Efficient

Tampa, FL –Rannko Online Reputation Management (www.rannko.com), the most affordable digital reputation management software suite that helps local businesses like funeral homes control their online presence, has announced the release of its Spring 2019 Product Updates.  The Rannko platform allows funeral homes to better manage their online brand and this upgrade makes the process more effective and efficient.

“For years, it was simple for funeral directors to stay abreast of their reputation in the community.  Now there are dozens of places for families to leave comments on the web; online review management has never been more important,” said Rannko CEO Jason Payne.  “Review platforms like Google and Yelp make it extremely easy for people to hear about a bad experience with a funeral home.  Rannko helps funeral professionals get control of their reputation by integrating information and monitoring reviews across the internet from one platform.”

Rannko saves valuable time when it comes to managing a funeral home’s online brand.  One local citation management company has determined that the difference between a 3.5 and a 4.5 star rating can impact a company’s revenue by as much as 10%.  Rannko helps you better control your funeral home’s star rating with innovative tools to monitor and improve your online image.

Whether the firm’s business listings need updating, their online presence and reputation require monitoring or the firm is just looking for suggestions on how to improve the funeral home’s website, Rannko is a one-stop shop.  In short, Rannko helps funeral directors take ownership of the many aspects of their digital footprint beyond simply their online reputation.

Among the new Rannko updates are the following enhancements:
Google My Business Questions – Rannko now supports Google My Business Questions.  Rannko now has an in-depth integration with Google that tracks important questions families may have about your firm.  Funeral directors can respond to these questions in their Rannko account and see what their community is saying about the firm.

Auto Review Responding – Rannko now offers individual review auto responding for 1 star through 5 star ratings. Never again miss out on an opportunity to respond to a review.  For example, firms can use this auto respond for 4 and 5 star ratings and still individually respond to the lower star reviews.

Template Review Response – Funeral homes can create as many templated responses as they like.   They can simply apply a keyword tag for the review response and then pull on that response tag in the auto response button in reviews to save time.

Vertical Review Streams – For funeral homes that post reviews to their website, Rannko now supports vertical review stream layouts for their websites.  Streams for both carousel and vertical designs are fully responsive no matter what the device.

Review Analytics Update – Rannko now provides a more in-depth view of a funeral home’s reviews and allows comparison to the results from previous months.  And if desired, funeral directors can now export their review reports to csv, one time or on auto pilot.

Listing Directory Page – This page now shows a funeral home’s information on all the listings services with which Rannko integrates, all on one page.  Rannko has also added additional functionality that lets funeral homes view their listings, opt out, or sync.

“Funeral professionals spend hours meeting with families, helping them plan funerals and then ensuring every last detail of the service occurs flawlessly,” commented Payne.  “With so much time being spent on the running the firm, there is little time to monitor and invest in the funeral home’s online presence until now.  With Rannko, funeral directors can view, manage and post to their social accounts all from one place and schedule out their weekly content with the click of a button.”

About Rannko:  Rannko (www.rannko.com) is the #1 online digital platform for reputation management, social media management, listings management, and web analysis.   With Rannko, you can automate your digital marketing efforts to save you time and optimize your digital footprint simultaneously.  Rannko was designed with local businesses like funeral homes and law firms in mind. Rannko enables funeral professionals to build, consolidate, unify and empower their funeral home in a way that will attract families, increase the funeral home staff’s productivity and operate a successful online presence. Rannko can be contacted at 888-909-9939 or by email [email protected].