Who are Pierce Mortuary Colleges and what curricula are offered?
Pierce Mortuary Colleges is a group of private colleges teaching funeral service education:

• Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, Dallas, TX
• Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service, Decatur, GA (Atlanta area)
• Mid-America College of Funeral Service, Jeffersonville, IN (Louisville, KY area)

Under one management team, they offer a student an outstanding educational background to enter the funeral service profession. The curriculum offered at Pierce Mortuary Colleges addresses the changing needs and expectations associated with funeral services and inclusive to the high accreditation standards of the American Board of Funeral Service Education. The Mortuary Science Program prepares students for a career as a funeral service professional. The curriculum’s strong theoretic basis is complemented with practical training, resulting in a well-rounded curriculum.

What is the history of Pierce Mortuary Colleges?
Dallas Institute traces its roots to 1900 with one of the first schools of embalming in the United States, the Barnes School of Anatomy, Sanitary Science and Embalming later called The Dallas School of Embalming. In 1945, the school was succeeded by Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science founded by W.H. Pierce and L.G. Frederick. Dallas Institute of Funeral Service is the longest continuous operation under the same general management of any funeral service educational institution in the United States.

The Gupton School of Embalming was founded in 1920 by Mr. L. A. Gupton in Nashville, Tennessee, for the purpose of teaching the art and science of embalming and funeral directing. It began with a faculty of two, teaching from the chapel of a Nashville funeral home. In 1922, Mr. Gupton was joined by Mr. W. G. Jones and the college was named Gupton-Jones College of Embalming. In 1954, Gupton-Jones College was merged with Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science becoming the Dallas Institute-Gupton Jones College of Mortuary Science in Dallas. By 1969, growth demands led to re-establishing Gupton-Jones as a separate school in Nashville.

Mid-America College began as two separate mortuary colleges – the Kentucky School of Mortuary Science founded in Louisville in 1895, and the Indiana College of Mortuary Science, founded in Indianapolis in 1905. In 1972, the Kentucky School of Mortuary Science became part of Dallas Institute, followed in 1978 by the Indiana College of Mortuary Science, which changed its name to Mid-America College of Funeral Service in 1979. At this time the non-profit corporation was changed from Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science to Pierce Mortuary Colleges, Inc., and each of the satellite schools assumed its individual identity.

What makes Pierce Mortuary Colleges unique?
Pierce Mortuary Colleges promote excellence in the 21st century practice of mortuary arts and sciences. When students enter a Pierce Mortuary College classroom, they are enrolled with other students seeking an education in funeral service. We provide a full program which includes all required general education and mortuary science courses in an environment that nurtures the profession of funeral service. The students are taught by licensed professionals who have undergone the same requirements that the students will undergo. All colleges offer an online Bachelor of Science degree and online Associate’s programs.

What are the benefits of an education from Pierce Mortuary Colleges?
The three Pierce Mortuary Colleges have a rich history in tradition and their success can be measured by the number of outstanding funeral directors who are alumni. Students are given a funeral service education taught by professionals who have worked in funeral service and have the opportunity to learn to embalm under professionals with many years of experience. Their funeral service associate’s degree offers superior, hands-on training that helps graduates stand out in the job market—and in the mortuary science profession. In addition to standard courses required for licensure as a funeral director and embalmer, their degree also provides students with two certifications: Cremation Arranger Certification and the Crematory Operations Certification. Their Associate’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Funeral Service is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education.

What value does a Pierce Mortuary College graduate bring to a funeral home?
Each college is recognized nationwide for producing knowledgeable funeral service practitioners. Individuals who have graduated from a Pierce Mortuary College have learned at a school where the sole focus is funeral service education. Graduates have also studied under funeral professionals who not only teach theory and principles but also impart their practical perspective that better positions graduates for the real world.

How would potential students contact Pierce Mortuary Colleges for more information?
A central website through which students can access each of the colleges is www.pierce.edu.

Individual college contact information:

Dallas Institute of Funeral Service
(800) 235-5444 | www.dallasinstitute.edu
Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service
(800) 848-5352 | www.gupton-jones.edu
Mid-America College of Funeral Service
(800) 221.6158 | www.midamerica.edu