What is the Pierce BodyLift™?

The BodyLift is an innovative mechanism that allows one person to easily transfer bodies from one area in the prep room to another. The BodyLift reduces potential back strain and other injuries to prep room staff that can be caused by manually lifting bodies.

What makes the Body Lift unique?

The BodyLift paddles lock under the body with no lifting or straps to push and pull. With a 1,000 pound capacity, the lifting motor provides a smooth lift from table to table and casketing. The ceiling-mounted systems can be designed with a simple single rail over the embalming table, or an H-shaped rail configuration covering the complete preparation room.

Constructed of medical grade extruded aluminum, the BodyLift is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using the Pierce BodyLift?

Overexertion – strains, sprains and tears – is one of the most common types of workplace injuries, costing U.S. employers billions of dollars annually in lost time and workers compensation. Manually transferring bodies in the prep room puts you and your employees at a greater risk for these types of injuries. With BodyLift, one person can safely move up to 1,000 pounds.

“The BodyLift not only makes embalmers’ jobs easier but ensures they operate in a safe environment,” remarked Lance Ray, COO and Executive Vice-President of Pierce. “Constant lifting can not only lead to back injuries, but is also exhausting, so an investment in a BodyLift can even yield returns in staff productivity.”

How is the BodyLift installed in a funeral home?

Lifts are installed by trained professionals certified in the installation of the BodyLift. Certified installers are available nationwide.

The installation of a BodyLift brings a return on investment within 24 months. Preventing just one workers’ compensation back injury is well worth the investment itself, plus time savings contributes further to return on investment. Also, funeral homes with fewer than 30 full-time employees and/or gross income up to $1 million may apply for the ADA Section 44 (C1) tax credit.

How would a funeral home contact Pierce?

Contact a Pierce Sales Representative or call Pierce toll-free at 800.527.6419. Information and online ordering is also available at www.piercedirect.com.