What is PICLIF?

PICLIF is the easiest and fastest way for a funeral home to create memorial videos. PICLIF’s mobile app and website creates a uniquely impactful experience for your families by allowing them to bring together pictures and memories from everyone. These pictures and memories instantly make a memorial video that can be played on the funeral home’s TV and viewed by anyone in the world!

How did PICLIF get involved in the funeral industry?

PICLIF founder, Mike Stafiej, was inspired to create the product after losing two high school friends only months apart from each other in 2015. During the funeral services he saw amazing pictures and memories being shared online, but they were not being shared at the funeral service, and the family had no easy way to see these amazing pictures of their loved one. The pictures that were shared during the service were attached to a poster board, meaning that the attendees could see them at the service, but likely never again after that. Mike was inspired to create a product that would give families a way to bring together every special memory of their loved one, and give attendees a way to keep their favorite memories with them at all times. After spending a year working with funeral homes to understand and solve their pains and frustrations, PICLIF was created.

What makes PICLIF unique?

While there are other memorial video products available for funeral homes, they require hours of staff time to use, are limited to the pictures from a few family members, and never change after the DVD is burned. PICLIF memorial videos only take 60 seconds of staff time to create, gives the family the ability to see pictures and memories of their loved one that they’ve never seen before, and the memorial videos are always growing – even after the funeral service! This creates an impactful memorial service that is unique and memorable for families and attendees!

What are the benefits to funeral homes using PICLIF?

PICLIF is designed with two goals in mind: creating an impactful service for the family and to make the funeral director’s life easier. The later is accomplished by saving the funeral director hours of time (compared to other memorial video products) and allowing them to instantly play the memorial video on their TVs without the need to burn a DVD. PICLIF is so easy to use that any member of the staff can use it without any technical ability!

How does PICLIF provide a solution for funeral homes?

Funeral homes are burdened by the amount of time it takes to make a memorial video and the technology headaches that come with it. Families often want to be involved in the creation process, but the funeral home has no practical way to involve them beyond gathering 25 or so pictures to make a DVD. PICLIF turns hours of work into minutes and is extremely easy to use, making it fast and simple for both the funeral home and the family!

How would a funeral home contact PICLIF for more information on your products?

You can learn more about PICLIF, and see it in action, by visiting www.PICLIF.com. You can even use it to complete your first memorial video for free, no credit card required! The PICLIF sales team is happy to give you and your staff a demo of the product and discuss how PICLIF can work for your funeral home! You can reach the sales team by emailing [email protected] or calling 1-855-4PICLIF.

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