Personalization is defined as the action of designing or producing something to meet someone’s individual requirements. Extraordinarily little is as important in modern day funeral planning than helping a family honor a loved ones passing than creating an experience that is unique to that individuals life. The art of memorializing a loved one in a meaningful way should be a priority to all funeral professionals. Something that the family’s future generations can use to remember that individual.

For many families, memorializing a loved one through personalization helps them through the grieving process. A memorialization item is a conversation piece that allows a family to speak about their loved ones in a way that is a direct reflection of the life that they lived. It provides them a reason to discuss those things about their lives that made a positive and meaningful impact on others. It creates a sense of pride that is immeasurable in helping the families cope with the loss of their loved one.

It is our job as funeral professionals to provide products and solutions that aid in this remembrance. Something that will honor their legacy in a meaningful way. “Allowing your families to create a custom memorial service is truly paramount over the traditional options, remarks Brandon Frazer, General Manager of Lifelong Memories. “The more you can make the funeral about the family you are serving the better overall experience they will have.”

Asking probing questions to get a better understanding of the person is critical in helping families through this personalization process. “Take time to get to know the family and include them in the product design process,” explains Brandon. “The more the family is involved in the creation of the service the more meaningful the service is to them.”

More importantly, we need to help our families in this process. “After attempting to give consumers as much control as possible, I have concluded that consumers want our help and expertise,” says Ethan Darby, Director of Consumer Relations for Trigard. “They want us to guide them to what will turn out the best. Often, consumers have a few pieces of the personalization puzzle, but it is up to us to arrange them and even add a few pieces to create the final masterpiece.”

Additionally, families are seeking products that are unique and that they can have input on the design. Customization is essential in the personalization process. “Families want options,” states Brandon. “It’s that simple, families want to be able to create their own designs whether it is on a folder, register book or bookmark.”

Increasingly, technology is become a major factor in our lives, and this is true in the funeral profession as well when it comes to personalization and memorialization. For example, tribute videos are not new, but improvement in technology is making this product offering easier for funeral homes to offer.

We all have seen social media explode in popularity over the last decade. This phenomenon can no longer be ignored and must be embraced in what we offer. “Whether through QR codes or direct links, we are noticing consumers want to pair products to lost loved ones’ social media pages,” explains Ethan. “After all, they are a living personal history of someone’s life.”

The increased presence of social media has made these products more desirable because it gives families a way to distribute these memories to many people that would otherwise would not have access. “Social media has given the families the ability to share the experiences they have at funeral homes and showcase products from those funeral homes, states Brandon. “When people see custom options, they will be asking for custom options from the funeral home when they have a service need which is driving the increase in personalization and custom products.”

It is sometime uncomfortable to admit, but funeral homes are in the business to make a profit. And making a profit by providing exceptional service is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, most families would agree that they would gladly pay fair price for a service that will provide a lifetime worth of memories. “Memorialization and personalization products are a great way to add extra revenue to your bottom line,” explains Ethan. “Products that are customized have a much higher perceived value. These types of products will also help strengthen your funeral home’s theme of personalized service that includes books and cards, videos, and photos at the services.”

But be warned, thinking profit first is not the answer. “I would say if you were looking at personalization and memorialization as a way to directly impact revenues, you’re going to be disappointed, emphasized Ethan. “Personalization is a way to add value to what we do overall. We want to remind people about someone’s life using imagery, stories, and songs, and the more consumers can connect with the services we offer, the more value they will see in them.”

Memorialization tributes are important components of a memorable service and personalization offerings further enhance the funeral experience. It is important to make sure families know what your funeral home offers.

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Trigard was founded in the late 1960’s by the Darby family. The Darby’s currently own six funeral homes and a cemetery, making Trigard the only vault company able to test-market their products right in their own facilities. Through research and study, Trigard introduced their unique arched cover design and added dimension to their burial vaults, vastly improving the over-all product. The company trade name was born, Trigard, for the three layers of protection used in the vault liners.

Trigard has introduced many unique additions to the burial vault industry. Trigard’s Aegean series is still one of its kind today, and offers three layers of protection, an elegant look of refined marble, and yet is still affordable. Their most recent innovation is the Healing Tree, an intricate tree design extruded from the cover of the Aegean. The Healing Tree allows families to participate in an interactive ceremony at the gravesite as they say their final goodbyes. The tree design has twenty dove-shaped memory rings scattered throughout the top of the vault. The family can take a memory ring from the Healing Tree to wear on a necklace, attach to a keychain or simply keep in their pocket as a memento of their loved one.

The Trigard philosophy is to provide and serve families with the highest level of care possible. The depth of the Darby family’s experience, knowledge and drive combine to bring a much-needed passion to death care, a passion for people, and a passion for progress in the industry.

Our mission is based solely upon serving you, so that you can better serve your families. We will be the best partner to our clients, employees, vendors, and community.

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Lifelong Memories is a family business, started early in 1995. In 1998, we introduced the first funeral management software package. By the year 2000, Lifelong Memories became one of the first companies to offer picture-based personalization products to the funeral industry.

We offer a complete range of products from Register Books to Bookmarks, and anywhere in between. We are especially pleased to have been the creators of the original tribute candle.

Patent Number 6,8800,167 was awarded to Lifelong Memories by the United States Patent Office for specific techniques and our approach to creating funeral personalization products. Lifelong Memories is known as the most innovative provider to the funeral industry.

Our real time cloud-based software gives the busy small funeral home operator the ability to work on a folder from anywhere they have an internet connection. The software includes 100’s of predefined memorial themes the family can choose from as a starting point to create their own designs or the ability to completely customize any product layout from scratch. This extensive software development experience over the past 2 decades ensures that the software you receive will be easy to learn and use. Intuitive, natural features mean even those who are not completely comfortable with a computer are able to work with this customized software. Because of this, Lifelong Memories can provide unlimited support to each and every customer.

Lifelong Memories always provides you the highest quality and most innovative products available. Our family guarantees it.

Please reach out to us with any questions about our line of products and to begin your journey in serving your families with a completely customized experience from Lifelong Memories.

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