Who is Passages International and what product and/or service do they provide?

Passages International is proud to be a leader in non-traditional and eco-friendly funeral products. They offer a full array, from biodegradable cremation urns and scatter tubes to wicker caskets and pet products. Consumer preferences show that green and non-traditional options are here to stay, and for over 20 years Passages has supplied funeral products to businesses catering to this large demographic.

How did Passages get involved in the funeral industry?

Passages was founded in Taos, NM after one of the founders experienced first-hand how the lack of urn options available in the funeral home negatively impacted families and the business. When the options presented were ornate permanent urns or a cardboard/plastic box, nothing felt “right”. Everything was geared toward permanent storage. There was a growing percentage of cremation customers who intend to scatter or keep remains for a short period of time, and no urns were available that fit their needs. With that, the Earthurn Collection was created as an affordable yet profitable, eco-friendly option for scattering or burial of remains. The products were well received and the range has expanded ever since.

What makes the Simple Bamboo Container and the Four-Point Bamboo Casket unique?

The Simple Bamboo Container and Four-Point Bamboo Casket are the newest introductions from Passages, and once again fill a gap left by traditional product options. These products are priced to fit between basic cardboard cremation containers and wood caskets. The most common caskets under $1,000 bring very little value to the consumer, often constructed with cardboard, pressboard, and printed veneer. When the products don’t justify their own price, people are pushed towards the cheapest option. These new Passages products remedy this problem. They are certified Fair Trade, visually unique, and families know that they are supporting an eco-friendly initiative and rural farmers with a purchase. Passages customers report excellent results and responses when offering these products as they meet the basic criteria of families; simple, affordable dignity.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using Passages urns and caskets?

When funeral homes offer non-traditional wicker caskets and biodegradable urns, they are positioning themselves as market leaders in their community. Families don’t want to feel that they are being “sold” something, they want choices that they see value in. When you carry non-traditional options, you show that you have something for everybody. You are no longer only catering to those who want traditional burials or permanent urns, resulting in your overall customer base increasing substantially. With Passages products that justify their cost, your employees can spend less time talking about prices and more time creating memorable, priceless experiences to honor the family’s loved one.

How does Passages provide a solution for Funeral Homes?

There is so much to do when running a funeral home, and changes in consumer behavior can be hard to stay on top of. Passages International follows the trends, keeps up with consumer preferences data, and can tell you that in 2020 over 60% of survey respondents expressed interest in greener funeral options, and almost 50% intended to scatter cremated remains. They are here to help you secure the business of this massive customer base.

How would a funeral home contact Passages for more information on your products?

Funeral homes can contact Passages International by calling (505) 830-2500, or email [email protected], or order through their website at passagesinternational.com.