Originator of Fingerprint Keepsakes Releases New Cremation Keepsake

New Heritage Vessels™ Are the First Fully Customizable Pendant Urns


Woodstock, IL — In response to the continued growth of the cremation industry, Meadow Hill Corporation has released a new memorial keepsake, the Heritage Vessel™.

Versatility and Customization in One Package

This sleek cylindrical urn is ideal for holding a pinch of cremated remains, bits of dried ceremonial flowers, or snippets of hair.

Available under the firm’s Phoenix Collection® line of Cremation Keepsakes, Heritage Vessels™ are customizable with one of five biometric print styles:

  • fingerprint,
  • hand print,
  • or foot print for humans,


  • paw print
  • or nose print for animals.

Families can also choose from one of three stunning pattern designs. Plus, up to 10 characters/spaces of cast engraving are included in the price of each Heritage Vessel™.

Enhancing a Growing Trend

“Meadow Hill is consistently looking for new, meaningful ways to help grieving families stay connected to their loved ones,” commented Meadow Hill CEO Diana Braun. “The ongoing trend of growth in the cremation marketplace, coupled with our industry leading print-based craftsmanship, has led us to develop the first customizable cremation pendant urn. We couldn’t be happier with the final result.”

Simple and Secure

Each vessel comes with an easy-to-use filling/sealing kit, eliminating the need to ship cremated remains via the mail. The vessel’s high-grade sealant set screw means no messy glues. They are so simple to use anyone can fill and seal a vessel.

Initially available in .925 Sterling Silver with a patina finish, these keepsakes are available to order through the Meadow Hill website, www.meadowhillco.com.


About Meadow Hill Corporation
Meadow Hill Corporation, founded in 1997, is the originator of memorial print keepsakes. 2018 marks 20 years of long-lasting relationships it has developed with funeral professionals. Its Thumbies®, Buddies Pet Keepsakes™, and Phoenix Collection® product lines are hand crafted by skilled artisans in the heartland of the United States and offer something for everyone. To learn more about Meadow Hill Corporation, visit www.meadowhillco.com.About Meadow Hill Corporation

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