Originator of Fingerprint Keepsakes Announces New Pricing Structure

Precious Metal Pricing No Longer Tied to Daily Market Fluctuations

Woodstock, IL—April 4, 2018—Meadow Hill Corporation has updated the price structure of their unique keepsake jewelry cast in precious metals (Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold) by implementing a fixed pricing system.


Stability Enhances Customer Experience

This move away from daily price fluctuations pegged to the London Bullion Market provides stability for customers who may take a day or two to decide on a purchase, assuring them that the price they saw on their initial shopping exploration is the same price they’ll pay upon ordering.


Addressing Customer Requests

“At Meadow Hill, we’ve been customer focused since the day we created the fingerprint memorial keepsake industry. One of our most frequent requests has been for the establishment of a fixed pricing system. Our constant search for ways to innovate and improve our business model has led to infrastructure improvements that make this new pricing structure possible,” commented Meadow Hill CEO Diana Braun.


No More Handling Fees

In addition to the new pricing model, Meadow Hill is also removing their separate $4.00 per piece Handling Charge.

These new policies take effect immediately.

About Meadow Hill Corporation

Meadow Hill Corporation, founded in 1997, is the originator of print keepsakes. 2018 marks 20 years of long-lasting relationships it has developed with funeral professionals. Its Thumbies®, Buddies Pet Keepsakes™, and Phoenix Collection® product lines are hand crafted by skilled artisans in the heartland of the United States and offer something for everyone. To learn more about Meadow Hill Corporation, visit www.meadowhillco.com.

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