Who is One Source Prime and what product or service do they provide?

One Source Prime is a new funeral products distributor launched in March 2018. It offers funeral homes, casket/cremation supply companies, crematories, cremation societies, cooperative buying groups and consolidators the opportunity to purchase funeral products in the continental USA at greatly reduced prices. At last count and growing, One Source Prime customers choose from more than 170 USA made products to meet the minimum half truck load quantity required to participate in the program.

How did One Source Prime get involved in the funeral industry?

One Source Prime is the result of several independent funeral product companies brainstorming on how to improve the profitability of funeral professionals. How? By making a Blue Ocean opportunity for buying differently than ever before. It means that for the first time, funeral professionals can combat annual price increases by large casket manufacturers (who are also coincidentally the largest importers of caskets), and also easily buy USA made caskets and other funeral products anywhere in the continental USA and do it at prices as good as if not better than imports. There are currently 6 independent casket manufacturers participating in One Source Prime totaling 135 plus years of American manufacturing.

What makes One Source Prime unique?

Rather than one funeral product supplier trying to be all things to all people, One Source Prime ships the best products made by various manufacturers directly to your door. The One Source Prime catalog includes metal caskets from Astral Industries (Lynn, IN), Southern Craft Manufacturing (Loretto, TN) and VerPlank Enterprises (Iron City, TN), wood caskets from CJ Boots Casket Company (Anderson, IN) and Vision Casket (Richmond, IN), cremation products, ceremonial rental caskets, rental inserts, alternative containers, urns, shipping trays and more from Starmark Cremation Products (Richmond, IN).

How does One Source Prime provide a solution for funeral homes?

“When times are bad is when real entrepreneurs emerge.” – Robert Kiyosaki
One Source Prime believes the facts speak for themselves. Funeral Homes are closing or consolidating at a rate of approximately 260 firms per year. Casket prices are at record levels and continue to rise year after year. Funeral home profits are flat at best. If restoring profits into your financial statement is a priority then One Source Prime is for you!

All of the time, energy and hype that the big casket companies spend on maintaining distribution warehouses and making single casket deliveries as well as sales people knocking doors selling gimmicky showroom “systems”, come at a significant and ever growing cost. By eliminating non-value added costs, One Source Prime offers you pricing not previously available. The solution is simple and back to the basics. Choosing to think differently about purchasing funeral products can save money.

When purchases are made in larger quantities there are savings that can be passed along. For instance, the cost to deliver one casket from Indianapolis to St. Louis using a common carrier delivery truck is approximately $300. However, to buy a full truck load the per casket delivery cost drops to around $12.50 each. If you and your surrounding funeral professional friends go in together and buy a truck load of 96 caskets, you just saved nearly $28,000 alone in just freight.

Add on top of that the lower casket price by buying bulk and you’ve just made yourself a whole lot of profit.

How is One Source Prime able to sell products at such low prices?

The answer is simple! Casket manufacturers normally have 2 prices for a product. One price is for funeral homes which is discounted in some fashion based on contract and call volume. The other price is what manufacturers normally sell to each other. Typically funeral homes have never had access to this price until now.

How would a funeral home contact One Source Prime for more information on your products?

Call (833) 871-4677 or  visit us at www.onesourceprime.us.