New Products and New Customers Equal New Growth for Bulk Purchasing Program

Richmond, IN – One Source Prime is pleased to announce the addition of new casket models and cremation containers to their innovative program.  One Source Prime is the conduit for ½ or full semi-trailer orders of cremation products and burial caskets, which are available from six different independent domestic manufacturing suppliers. One call to One Source Prime delivers multiple products on one truck to one location with one invoice.

Recently, One Source Prime added these products to their unique program:

  • Four new stainless steel caskets from Astral Industries are now available. These new models are in addition to the 18- and 20-gauge carbon steel caskets which are already part of the program.  Each stainless steel model features high eye appeal, four point brush finishes and velvet interiors.
  • Four new standard value-priced hardwood caskets have been introduced from Vision Casket. These caskets include wood embossing and Euro-styled interiors and are priced well under competing products.  Each features a slightly oversized interior width, yet still fits in a 29” vault and are finished with environmentally-responsible, water-based finishes.
  • Starmark Cremation Products’ NEW Transporter alternative cremation container system is now being offered. The Transporter system allows funeral directors to easily and economically upgrade a standard Transporter alternative cremation container into a rental casket insert that fits all 27” ceremonial rental caskets in the Starmark product line through the use of an interior kit.   The NEW Transporter system also offers an oversize alternative cremation container model.
  • The new Bridgeview raised flat top solid wood alternative container viewer from Starmark has also been added. Use of the Bridgeview alternative container viewer facilitates a much lower price point to encourage informal (Direct, Immediate, Simple or Basic) cremation families to upgrade to semi-formal services with the body being present.
  • The new Ovation Oversize 31” solid wood alternative container viewer, is also now available as part of the One Source Prime program. The new oversize Transporter alternative cremation container can be used as an economically-priced, stand-alone, alternative cremation container or, with the addition of an interior kit, upgraded to serve as the rental insert for the Ovation Oversize.

The new hardwood models from Vision Casket offer wood embossing and Euro-styled interiors.  They have an environmentally-responsible, water-based finish and feature an attractive price point.  For more information on these new caskets, contact your local distributor or One Source Prime.  To become a distributor, contact Vision Casket at 800.452.4744.

“We are very pleased with the initial launch of One Source Prime and anticipate more independent, domestic manufacturers will join over time,” added Gerald H. Davis, President of One Source Prime.  “Our customers continue to realize tremendous savings.  Recently, one customer purchased a ½ semi-trailer shipment of hardwood caskets that saved them more than $50,000.”

With the One Source Prime program, there are no up-front fees, memberships or contracts to sign; customers simply place their orders with a One Source Prime product specialist at 833-871-4677.  The product specialist will then work with the funeral professional to help mix and match products that meet their needs at the lowest possible price.  The team is experienced at taking full advantage of the floor and cube space within a trailer to achieve maximum savings while helping ensure products arrive safely and damage free.

The company also announced that a new catalog is forthcoming as well as an update to the One Source Prime website.  For more information, contact a One Source Prime customer service specialist at 833-871-4677 or visit

About One Source Prime:  One Source Prime provides casket distributors, funeral homes, vault companies and even crematories a conduit to purchase ½ and full semi-load quantities of caskets from Astral, C J Boots, Southern Craft, VerPlank and Vision Casket combined with Starmark Cremation Product that are delivered to one location. There is no other one stop competitive source for such a wide variety of products.  Funeral professionals looking for the ultimate savings on caskets and cremation products only need to call one number to order at the lowest possible factory direct prices.