Who is Noble Metal Solutions and what services do they provide?

Noble Metal Solutions (NMS), located in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a full-service industrial refinery serving crematories, funeral homes and cemeteries throughout the U.S. and Canada. They offer an environmentally responsible solution to your post-cremation metals concerns. Their mission is to educate crematory owners on what kinds of metals they accumulate, the value of those metals, and how to extract and recycle them properly.

How did Noble get involved in the funeral industry?

Noble’s inception started by providing refining services for several industries including dentists and dental labs across America and Canada. Noble recognized that the death-care profession was in dire need of a transparent and ethical recycling program.

What makes Noble unique?

Noble has an open-door policy meaning customers are invited to witness the processing of their post-cremation metals. Noble is the first cremation recycling company to provide proprietary equipment designed specifically for crematory operators on a completely complimentary basis. Noble will also provide cremation equipment, such as a processor, using the proceeds from the metals to pay off the equipment over-time.

What are the benefits for funeral homes and/or crematories to work with Noble?

One of the biggest benefits Noble Metal Solutions provides is peace of mind. Crematorium owners are inundated with soliciting, recycling calls daily making it difficult for an owner to tackle this part of the job.

On top of providing the highest returns for your business or charity, Noble provides “chain of custody” on all post-cremation metals and has a $2,000,000 “blanket policy” protecting crematoriums.

How does NMS provide a solution to funeral homes and crematoriums?

Noble helps crematoriums reduce their carbon footprint by properly recycling their post-cremation metals. NMS serves the death-care profession by applying accurate and transparent refining procedures for post-cremation implants, dental alloys and pacemakers which all customers are invited to witness.

How can a funeral home or crematory learn more about your services or get in contact with you?

To request more information about their company, their processes, schedule a pick-up of your post-cremation metals, or to schedule an appointment to witness your melts, call (888) 764-3105.


Check out Noble Metal Solution’s post-cremation recycling video on www.noblemetalsolutions.com or on YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AWdfAow0Vc.