Results from a consumer survey on funeral planning have been released today by online obituary provider Beyond the Dash. The research, which focused on the Southern region of the United States, offers insights like:


  • Less than 18% of respondents have any funeral plans in place, even though 60% think pre-planning is a good idea.
  • Southerners over 55 are twice as likely to request ‘No Funeral’ than younger respondents.
  • Budget is a primary concern for those planning funeral arrangements, with 71% saying it’s more important than their funeral desires.
  • Travel tops bucket list goals, with Europe being the most popular destination.


“Many of these findings align with those of our previous study in the Northeast,” said Emily Mathisen, Product Manager at Beyond the Dash. “But the differences were fascinating. Southerners seem to be less tied to traditional funeral arrangements than Northeasterners. For instance, over 81% of respondents over 55 were against having an obituary written about them after they die, while younger respondents were actually more enthusiastic about obituaries. We didn’t see that in any other category in either study.”


Read the full report, Funeral Plans in the USA South.


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