Johnson Consulting Gives Their Client’s Families a Platform to Share their Experience with New Software Update

Scottsdale, Arizona – Johnson Consulting Group’s Performance Tracker Team announced a software update that will assist their clients in getting positive social media and online reviews. Families that give a perfect score survey to the funeral home or cemetery will now immediately be directed to their business Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google pages.


Jake Johnson, CEO of Johnson Consulting Group commented, “We want to give these families the opportunity to share the positive experience they’ve had with our clients. After all, they do great work, and their stories need to be heard by prospective families that are still in the decision-making process.”

Johnson Consulting Group has recognized that more families are going online for reviews and research before making their final funeral home and cemetery decision. Having a digital presence both online and on social media is more critical now than ever before, which is why this update is not only beneficial for current Performance Tracker clients but anyone who owns a funeral home or cemetery business.


Johnson Consulting Group was built to address all of the operational and financial needs of funeral home and cemetery businesses, offering total solutions for every internal and external company need.  The JCG Performance Tracker™ provides funeral home and cemeteries timely, accurate measurements of customer service and sale performance.  The software offers comprehensive reporting that shows business owners what they are doing well and identifying the areas that need fine-tuning and improvements.


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