New Memorials Direct’s popular 3-n-1 tower displays have a brand new additional color option available. The new color is a very subtle, pastel green that accentuates almost any décor! The tower display features your choice of 3 displays that you select from an available list of 4 display options. The first display option showcases an 11-piece combination of fingerprint, handwriting and photo jewelry. The second display option includes 11 of their most popular cremation jewelry styles in sterling silver and gold-plated. The third is a 12-piece men’s display featuring personalized accessories such as knives, wallet, cuff links, and more. The fourth option is an 11-piece premium stainless steel cremation jewelry display. With purchase of the lighted locking tower, funeral homes will also receive a free All-In-One Android Tablet Fingerprint Scanner. A separate digital marketing screen can be purchased which provides additional marketing support for the New Memorials Direct line.

To inquire about all of their marketing and display options, please contact New Memorials Direct via telephone at 1-253-649-0568 or visit their website at