Companion Press announces the publications of a new book by renowned grief educator Dr. Alan Wolfelt. Entitled Grief after Homicide: Surviving, Mourning, Reconciling, it will be available through Companion Press 1/15/2021.

Homicide creates a grief like no other. If someone you love died by homicide, your grief is naturally traumatic and complicated. Not only might your grief journey be intertwined with painful criminal justice proceedings, you may also struggle with understandably intense rage, regret, and despair. It’s natural for homicide survivors to focus on the particular circumstances of the death as well.

Whether the reader’s loved one’s death was caused by murder or manslaughter, this compassionate guide will help them to understand and cope with difficult grief. It offers suggestions for reconciling oneself to the death and finding healing ways to mourn. After a homicide death, there is help for those left behind, and there is hope. This book will help see readers through.

Grief after Homicide: Surviving, Mourning, Reconciling is part of Companion Press’s Words of Hope and Healing series—empathetic books on grief and other loss-related topics, with just the right amount of education and support.

Author, educator, and grief counselor Dr. Alan Wolfelt serves as Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Collins, Colorado. The author of Grief One Day at a Time, First Aid for Broken Hearts, Understanding Your Grief, and many other books for grief caregivers and mourners.

Grief after Homicide: Surviving, Mourning, Reconciling is available in softcover and ebook formats. To order and to learn more about Dr. Wolfelt’s books on grief and loss, visit or call (970) 226-6050.