National Mortuary Shipping and Cremation (NMS) has completed years of intentional planning for Diane Smith’s transfer of ownership to her current business partner Angie Berwald. Diane and Angie have worked as a cohesive team that has increased sales, created better service delivery systems, fostered a positive work environment for their employees, and continued to elevate the original business created by Bob Smith.

Angie and Diane have worked on a seamless transition for themselves, management, employees, customers, and vendors.

Diane Smith stated the following about this transition: “I know that Angie with her 33 years of industry knowledge and with her NMS team are ready for the next chapter of successful ownership, leadership and growth in the industry. I have complete faith in Angie, our team, and our clients. With Angie as the CEO and President, NMS will continue to be a leader in our industry and this transition will be seamless for our team, customers, and vendors.”