Give us a little history on LoveUrns. How did the company become what it is today?

Before we started LoveUrns, I was in the business of producing home decor items. We made small pieces of furniture such as accent tables or decorative items made from metal, wood, and glass. I was working with some of the top designers in the home decor industry when I chanced upon cremation urns. When I first saw them, I realized that most of the urns in the industry were very conservative and I knew there was a need for some freshly designed products.

I created a few designs and contacted major players in the industry and the rest is history.

What makes LoveUrns unique?

First and foremost, it’s the quality. We really focus on the quality of our urns and we take it very seriously. Second, our design makes us stand out. We put a lot of work into each and every urn we produce. We try to keep our designs fresh and use modern colors that are visually pleasing. Lastly, our total customer experience is what really seals the deal. In addition to the design of our products, we also take great care in how we present the urns as well. A lot of time goes into how the products are presented and packaged which has kept our customer satisfaction very high. Putting in the extra effort when it comes to packaging really shows our customers that we take even the smallest details very seriously.

What is your design process like? How are new ideas developed and brought to life?

We are constantly thinking about our designs and how we can create something that will appeal to a family in need. With our most popular urn for example, The Wings of Hope butterfly shaped urn, we took something we knew that people loved and found a way to bring it to life in this industry. We always start with a design motif, a theme that we want to bring to our customers. Then we go to the drawing board and make it a reality. We first start with clean and simple lines – we don’t want our designs to be complicated. We work as a team to create a final product that is simple, clean and modern. We want all our designs to feel effortless, fresh and comforting.

What is your favorite thing about working in the funeral industry?

My favorite thing is interacting with the families. We get calls from families telling us that our products have been instrumental in bringing them comfort when they needed it the most. I have so many stories of happy customers that have expressed how thankful they are and that is very humbling. When we get those calls where a family is explaining to us that something we designed and created is giving them great comfort, we know we are doing our job well. This is never an industry I thought I would be working in, but it is by far the most gratifying work I have ever done.

What do you feel has been the biggest factor in your success with LoveUrns?

Design and quality. We have our own factories so we are able to deliver products that other companies cannot because we are able to control the quality that defines our work. If you don’t have good product, it doesn’t matter how great your customer service is – it is not going to work. We create products that are expertly designed, and we don’t cut corners – this has been a major factor in our success in this industry.

Looking forward to the future, what are you most excited about?

We just completed a line of cremation jewelry called LoveUrns Treasure and we are looking forward to expanding on that. Next on the drawing board, we are looking to also include materials such as glass, wood, and marble. We have a lot on the boards right now and we have been very busy designing new products for our customers and I am looking forward to giving our customers more options with our products. I can’t wait to share what we have been working on.

How do you set goals for yourself? What is the process like?

We aim high and constantly keep working on the ground to make ourselves better each day.

By setting our sights high and pushing ourselves to meet seemingly impossible goals, we were able to find growth and success around the world. We want to keep expanding and aim to be the largest cremation products company in the world.

When you aren’t busy designing amazing products for your customers, how else do you like to spend your time?

My passion is photography. I love to take pictures and that has helped me in doing this business because all the product photography for our catalog and website have been shot by me. This business also gives me the opportunity to travel a lot, so when I am traveling and going to far off places, I never leave my camera behind. When I have spare time on trips, I like to slip away and photograph the area I am visiting. Photography has always been a big part of my life and I am beyond grateful this business gives me the opportunity to continue that passion. FBA