After years of cultivating relationships and doing its due diligence with funeral homes, morgues, and hospitals outside the U.S., the Mortuary Lift Company is pleased to announce a 35 percent increase in the international sales of its Ultimate 1000 Lift™ in 2020.

“For years we’ve been deliberate in preparing for international expansion, from learning everything we could about the many facets of doing business overseas, to getting to know several professionals and educating them on how the Ultimate 1000 can help them,” said Katie Hill, president and CEO of Mortuary Lift. “We saw the results of our efforts come to fruition in 2020 when many funeral professionals were faced with the COVID-19 crisis.”

Countless industries had to pivot thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the funeral industry was no exception. Among many, one key challenge was maintaining typical/ideal staffing numbers due to work restrictions, individual physical limitations, and acute health concerns. Given its safe single-operator productivity – and the company’s ability to continue manufacturing and shipping – Mortuary Lift’s Ultimate 1000 Lift™was exactly what many funeral professionals around the globe needed to not only continue to do business as usual under unusual circumstances but also often handle increased volume specifically due to the pandemic.

In addition to eliminating the need for more than one person to move, lift, or dress remains, the Ultimate 1000 boasts several other benefits, including it can safely and with maximum stability lift weights up to 1,000 pounds from ceiling to floor, be mounted in a fixed location or moved around on a track system, and be customized for any work space. It works with every type of lifting, including caskets, embalmed and unembalmed, dressed and undressed, autopsied, and bone donation. It also offers access to all levels of cooler trays, which allows for higher volumes and helps to prevent injuries.

“Mortuary Lift has always actually allowed for social distancing because one person is able to do all the lifting,” Hill said. “Our equipment is simply the most versatile and stable out there, which is even more critically important now when funeral professionals have no choice but to make it work on their own.”

Another benefit that is of particular importance to professionals in the international community – and a key reason for the sales boom – is the Ultimate 1000’s ability to both handle the deceased with the utmost dignity and holistically accommodate cultural traditions like ritual washings and preventing metal from touching remains.

“Lifting and care for the deceased are of course universal concerns, but we quickly learned of other cultural needs that widely vary from country to country,” said Brenda Stratton, Mortuary Lift’s COO. “We’ve ensured the Ultimate 1000 Lift™ transcends all traditions. It’s truly safe, stable, and dignified for the many different cultures around the world.”

After Mortuary Lift’s explosive growth in 2020, the company now works with funeral, morgue, and hospital professionals in Australia, Bermuda, Czech Republic, England, Guam, Ireland, Norway, Panama, Philippines, and Singapore. Sales materials are currently available in English, French, and Spanish; other languages can be requested as needed.

“This is, of course, exciting for Mortuary Lift, and we look forward to continuing our international growth in 2021. But ultimately we’re proud to be meeting a critical need at a critical time,” Stratton said. “With all the worries of COVID-19, we want to free people up to do what’s important right now. By offering those we work with a way to better take care of death, they’ll then be able to take better care of life.”

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Founded in 1987, the Mortuary Lift Company provides top quality, dependable body lifts to funeral homes, morgues, and hospitals worldwide. Built to last a lifetime with the highest quality steel and parts, the Ultimate 1000 Lift™ offers the ultimate in prep-room lifting as the industry’s leading All-In-One Lifting™ system. The Stepper® is an electric stair climbing system that acts as a second attendant, allowing funeral professionals of any gender, height, or size to access any location or scenario, including narrow hallways, basements, clutter, steep and curved stairs, and more. Mortuary Lift is headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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