A good website is more than just beautiful. Design is important, of course, but a website also should be functional and easy for families to navigate. It also needs to be secure. When families enter their personal information on your website, they need to know it won’t end up in the wrong hands.
Frazer Consultants designs websites with all this safety and functionality in mind. Their responsive websites adapt to whatever device families are using — whether it’s a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Their websites also are SSL-secured, providing families with a safe and secure connection to enter personal information.

“When designing our digital products, we really try to keep the end user’s experience in mind,” said Katie Murphy, a designer at Frazer Consultants. “So, whether that end user be a funeral home or one of the families they serve, we really do everything we can to ensure that that experience is going to be a positive one.”

Beautiful and Responsive Design
If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, families will have a bad user experience when viewing it from a mobile device. They should be able to read your website’s content easily and navigate your website without having to scroll or pinch their screen.

A large portion of your website traffic comes from families viewing a loved one’s obituary, so it’s important that these are responsive as well. On Frazer websites, the Tribute Wall where families can view the obituary and leave condolence messages is mobile-friendly.

“We really wanted to make sure that the [Tribute Wall] design was familiar, comforting and simple — and not stray too far from what a family was used to seeing from an online obituary,” said Murphy. “We wanted to invite users to leave condolences, memories, and photos. Everything that would allow a family to tell the unique story of their loved one.”

Secure Website Connection
To put it simply, an SSL — Secure Sockets Layer — certificate encrypts the data sent between your web server and browser. Websites will have HTTPS instead of HTTP before their URL address if they’re secure. An SSL certificate also boosts your website’s search engine optimization.
“Having an SSL certificate for your whole website means giving your families a secure connection to enter personal information,” said Renee Richveis, a sales consultant at Frazer Consultants. “Whether that is leaving a condolence message on your Tribute Wall or entering credit card information, you truly want that trust to translate from the inside of your funeral home to their online experience… That’s why Frazer offers websites protected with SSL.”

Other Innovative Website Features
Frazer websites come with Tribute Pay, a payment platform that can offer families multiple funeral payment options: Tribute Insurance Assignments, Tribute Loans, Tribute Crowdfunding, credit card processing, and eChecks. With all these payment options, funeral directors can better cater to their families’ funeral needs and find a payment option that works best for them.

Frazer Consultants websites come with many more innovative features to help create meaningful funeral experiences for families, including their text directions feature for sending directions to the funeral location, 365 Days of Healing grief email subscription, easy-to-use preplanning forms, and much more.

But Frazer websites do more than serve families — they serve funeral directors, as well. Website integrations can save funeral directors time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks like double data entry. This leads to more time for other tasks and more time helping their client families funeral plan and grieve. Frazer websites integrate with the top funeral data management software and answering services, as well as Tribute Center — Frazer’s personalization suite for creating memorial products, Tribute Videos, and other mementos.

Frazer Consultants is a technology company that helps funeral professionals reimagine the funeral experience for families. For more information about funeral home website design and other great online features, call 866-372-9372 or email [email protected]