Who is Mid-States Recycling & Refining and what service do you provide?

Mid-States Recycling & Refining (MSRR) is an EPA-permitted precious metal recycler with a 19,000-square-foot facility located near Chicago in Des Plaines, IL. Stemming from the Simmons Refining Company – which at the time was the largest privately owned U.S.-based precious metal refinery – we’ve been a family-owned business in operation since 1982. In addition to crematories, we provide recycling and refining services to several industries ranging from pawn and jewelry to dental and technology. MSRR is one of the largest precious metal recyclers in the nation. We provide several refiners with the volume of gold, silver, platinum and palladium that they need to fabricate countless industrial and investment bullion products used the world over.

How did Mid-States Recycling get involved in the funeral profession?

We only work with businesses and brokers, not the general public. Because of our size and reputation, we were processing the metal for many of the popular companies offering recycling services to crematories. We saw first-hand how this area was growing and decided to look into working directly with the crematories.

What we found was a great deal of confusion and a lack of transparency associated with post-cremation metal recycling, so in 2016 we decided to market our services directly to crematories.

What makes Mid-States Recycling unique?

Our mission has always been to earn and maintain loyal relationships by making our clients comfortable and sharing our knowledge. Since our inception, we have always offered an open door policy to current and prospective clients so they can see first-hand every step involved in proper recycling; particularly that of high-value metals.

We realize it’s not always practical to come in to the plant, so we offer our clients a sample from every melt we do. This allows them to fact check our assay reporting. When we started servicing crematories directly in 2016, we were not aware of any recycler providing these options.

What are the benefits to funeral homes/crematories using your service?

We recover the most value for crematories metal. We don’t offer rewards programs because we feel they muddle what should be a very straightforward transaction. As a result, we offer our clients the ability to use the return however they like. We have found a lot of our clients opt to contribute to their favorite charity and we proudly take on the duty of making sure those charities get the largest donation possible. In addition, when funeral homes choose to donate to the NFDA’s Funeral Service Foundation or ICCFA’s Educational Foundation, we reduce our rate so more money goes to these profession-specific causes.

How does Mid-States Recycling provide solutions to crematories?

There are two areas in which MSRR provides the most support to our clients. The first is helping with EPA compliance through proper recycling practices. Because we are an EPA-permitted recycler, we help our crematory clients avoid environmental liability.

The second area is helping our clients to recover the most small pieces of metal from the cremated remains. This is an arduous task if an operator is doing it solely by hand and eye, or by using a magnet. A separating processor is recommended for every crematory. This type of processor screen filters the small pieces of metal (screws and staples included) that would otherwise end up in the urn, thus producing much finer cremated remains. Making this recommendation to our clients has helped them tremendously.

How would a funeral home contact Mid-States Recycling for more information?

Our website has numerous articles that have been published, past blogs, several testimonials, and a 6-minute video showing the whole recycling process. You can also order a free drum for metal collection there. Visit www.cremationrecycling.com or call 847-298-0010 with any questions or to schedule a visit. FBA