Memory Glass Announces “Stars & Stripes” Design Now Available at 2017 NFDA Convention

Goleta, CA – Honor is defined as high respect, a privilege, to regard with great respect, and to fulfill a commitment. Few things are more honorable than what funeral industry professionals accomplish daily. Caring for the deceased and providing for grieving families – the honor achieved by these actions is rooted in the fact that this work is centered around honoring others.

Memory Glass’s latest cremation memorial design, the “Stars & Stripes” Tribute Orb, will be on display at NFDA 2017 in Boston this Fall, and is available for display in your funeral home or crematorium now.

The folks at Memory Glass feel strongly about honor, and the cremation memorial company has provided free glass cremation pendants for military service people for over fifteen years. This year, the company added a new product design to its lineup and is pleased to announce the “Stars & Stripes” Tribute Orb. The design makes its first NFDA appearance this Fall in Boston.


“We have been creating red, white, and blue glass memorials for years at the request of our strong customer base,” stated Nick Savage, Founder and Co-Owner of Memory Glass. “It was time for us to design a memorial specifically for those requests. We achieved a design that not only resembles our own country’s flag, but evokes the honor, commitment, and sacrifice that so many Americans have given for that flag.”


The “Stars & Stripes” memorial design encases “Stripes” of red and white glass within a solid clear glass orb. Set at the top of the stripes, a small amount of cremated remains lay scattered as “Stars”, fused within the memorial on a bed of blue glass.


Since the new design’s launch earlier in 2017, it has proven to not only be a popular product with veterans and within the military, but also among everyday American citizens with a love for our country and the spirit of freedom.


“Listening to our customers is one of the things we do best, and it’s highly valued at the core of our sales philosophy,” stated Kim Price, V.P. of Sales and Co-Owner of Memory Glass. “The privilege of honoring the deceased is felt by the entire Memory Glass team, which proudly creates all of our products right here in the U.S.A.”


Come visit Memory Glass at NFDA at booth #2566 to see the “Stars & Stripes” Tribute Orb and find out how you can get this new product into your funeral home or crematorium.


To get Memory Glass in your funeral home or crematorium, visit to learn more.  Established in 2002, Memory Glass creates customization solid glass memorials and keepsakes that preserve cremated remains, or earth from a special location, which are suspended within the glass. Memory Glass products are available in over 2000 funeral homes and crematoriums in all 50 states, Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

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