Memory Forest Expands into California by Partnering with Two Leading Cemeteries

Mark Brewer, company President, commented, “We’ve been exploring various opportunities in California over the past year and we’re extremely excited to expand our reach into California with Hollywood Forever and Fernwood – two beautiful and prestigious locations that have great reputations and rich histories. We’re experiencing a high demand all over the country, including California, for The Living Urn®, our unique bio urn and planting system that allows families to grow a memory tree from the urn containing their loved one’s cremated remains. Families reach out to us daily who don’t have a yard, access to a special place to plant, or may be moving in the future and want a permanent site to have a memory tree planted and cared for. We’re excited that Hollywood Forever and Fernwood now provide two great options for families in California.”

Brewer continues, “People are taking a fresh look at how they want to be memorialized after they pass. If the over 75 million baby boomers who will reach their average life expectancy over the next 25 years choose burial, they will take up over 130 square miles of land, about the size of Atlanta. Fortunately for our future generations, more than half of Americans who pass are now choosing cremation instead of burial and electing not to take up space in a cemetery. With Memory Forest and The Living Urn, along with Hollywood Forever, Fernwood, and our 28 other Memory Forest locations nationwide, we’re catering to this movement and providing an uplifting option and everything a person needs to have a tree grown with their cremated remains. We’re giving people the ability to give back after they pass and also create a living memorial at a place of their choosing – we think that’s a beautiful thing.”

To learn more about Hollywood Forever or Fernwood, or to find a Memory Forest™ location near you, visit

About Memory Forest™
Memory Forest™ is committed to replacing tombstones with trees, cemeteries with forests. With its exclusive partnerships with leading cemeteries and memorial gardens throughout the U.S. and The Living Urn®, America’s leading bio urn and planting system, Memory Forest™ provides families with beautiful, tranquil resting places to have a memory tree planted and cared for as it grows into an enduring and thriving living memorial. To learn more, visit and

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