Who is Memorial Reefs International and what product and services do they provide?

Memorial Reefs International constructs artificial reef memorials, aiding vital ecological habitats throughout the globe. These memorials are formed using patented structures known as Reef Balls, which serve as the final resting place for cremated remains. Memorial Reefs International is an official vendor of Reef Ball Memorials through the Reef Ball Foundation. Together they aim to enhance coral generation, increase marine biomass, create local jobs, and provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial.

How did Memorial Reefs International get involved in the funeral industry?

As avid divers, the founders of Memorial Reefs International witnessed firsthand the devastating loss of coral habitat to human destruction and environmental stressors over time. Recent mass coral bleaching events prompted them to find a way to save one of Earth’s greatest natural resources. Artificial reefs were found to be an effective albeit expensive way to offset coral loss. The search for ways to fund building reefs led them to the Reef Ball Foundation and their Memorial Reef Balls. Right away it was clear that offering eco-conscious clients the opportunity to create living memorials that also helped replace lost reefs was a perfect model for helping the oceans. The past four years since have been spent educating themselves as to global funeral industries and the fine professionals in it. Unlike most in the industry, they first looked to solve a problem in another area and then came to the Funeral Industry for the solution.

What makes Memorial Reefs International products unique?

Reef Balls are patented structures engineered to withstand current and wave action, facilitate new coral growth, and house an array of marine life. The hollow inverted dome shape and holes allow currents to pass through and around the ball, keeping it from tumbling around the ocean floor. Depending on waves and currents, non-metallic anchors can be used to secure the memorials as well. Additionally, the hollow and open nature of the ball allows marine life to take shelter, which is essential for maintaining fish populations in coral colonies.

This intuitive design allows for the natural growth of new corals and will be supplemented by polyps harvested from coral nurseries. They are working along side marine biologists to study the progression of coral growth on their Reef Balls. This is not just a memorial; it is a living specimen for marine biologists to use in their quest to remedy our global climate crisis.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using Memorial Reefs International?

Funeral homes are welcome to register as official distributors of Memorial Reefs International. This is the perfect product for pre, at, and post-need clients. Generous commissions are available to the funeral director for simply talking about the product and filling out a referral form. Adding this living memorial to your funeral home’s list of offerings is the perfect way to introduce “green” services to your business and community.

How does Memorial Reefs International provide a solution for Funeral Homes?

People across the globe call the ocean “Home”. Upon passing, many ocean lovers wish to spend the rest of eternity under the sea. Current disposition options consist primarily of ash scatterings and full-body sea burial. For many, these practices lack a physical memorial place, which can be emotionally invaluable to those experiencing loss. This type of memorial is perfect for those who are environmentally conscious, love the ocean, or simply dislike the idea of a traditional funeral. Reef Ball Memorial clients are given GPS coordinates to their memorial, allowing them to visit whenever they please.

How would a funeral home contact Memorial Reefs International for more information on your products?

Visit www.memorialreefs.international or email  [email protected] FBA

Memorial Reefs International
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