Who is MediaBük and what product/service do they provide?

MediaBük delivers LCD screen technology integrated into a full color printed outer shell. Examples include video memory albums, video tribute books, business video brochures and video gift boxes. MediaBük is a brain child of MediaFast, a company that has been in business for almost 30 years providing tangible marketing solutions. Specific to the funeral industry, we offer video tribute albums. Each album holds 40 minutes of video content, has a rechargeable lithium battery and displays a personalized photo on the front cover.

How did MediaBük get involved in the Funeral Industry?

In 2017 our CFO’s brother-in-law passed away from an aggressive brain tumor. Nick left 4 small children behind. The family made a tribute video in his memory, but the kids were too small to play the DVD without assistance. We wanted to give each child a way to watch their dad’s video without having to ask for help. We were already offering video brochures designed for business applications, so we loaded the video onto those brochures and gave one to each child. The result was magical. The children carried them around like cherished possessions, shared them with friends and watched them in the privacy of their own rooms. The idea for a funeral specific design was born.

What makes MediaBük and its products unique?

MediaBuk provides a tangible up-to-date solution for the DVD. A MediaBük offers a printed brochure that is integrated with a video screen and can be shared immediately without any wires or internet connection. Unlike a DVD, it can be viewed without access to any additional equipment. Our product is designed to live on a mantel, a coffee table, or carried to an event where loved ones are encouraged to view it.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using MediaBük products?

We live in a technological society where video content is captured and shared instantaneously. Our MediaBük tribute albums provide a modern way to share video without cords and cables while still offering a tangible solution that can be displayed and cherished. Our products bridge a generation gap. The MediaBük auto play and simplified design makes it easy to use. The MediaBük also speaks to the tech savvy generation because it has an integrated screen, it is reloadable, cordless, and rechargeable.

How does MediaBük provide a solution for funeral homes?

Tribute videos have become more and more common, but DVDs have become antiquated as a form of shareable technology. Videos are now streamed, downloaded and even texted as they are primarily captured and saved on cell phones. MediaBük provides a technology forward solution. Unlike a cell phone, we take the same type of technology and incorporate it into a personalized piece that can be displayed and shared easily. This product connects the old and the new.

How would a funeral home contact MediaBük for more information on your products?

You can reach us by calling (385) 630-4664 or emailing [email protected] FBA